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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Have you ever thought of how powerful thought can be?

We normally do not bother to think of what thought is, its nature and how it is created by us. A thought or idea is a product of our mind, our consciousness. It cannot be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched; it is ignored by mainstream Western science. They cannot even agree on how to define consciousness. Is consciousness merely the product of the chemical processes of the human brain? Is its existence dependent on the brain, or can it exist independent of the brain? No one has satisfactorily answered this question.

Did our thought create the world of physical reality? But how can something so ethereal and incorporeal create something solid or material? That is the question.

What has become so clear and undeniable from the science of quantum mechanics or quantum physics is that our mind, or consciousness or thought, can affect physical objects. The observer is not independent of the thing observed. The Buddhists may be right in saying that this world is a product of thought. We create our own reality. The outside world is an illusion they call “maya.” And the ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, about a century and a half later, seemed to agree when he said that the physical world outside our mind is a mere shadow of the reality inside us. Other esoteric schools of thought carried this to the extreme when they declared that we “hallucinate” the world around us. In other words, the outside world is purely imaginary.

A big thought

There could be some truth to this seemingly outlandish and ridiculous idea, though.

This reminds me of that old philosophical question: If a big tree falls in a forest but nobody is there to hear it, is there a sound?

Let us leave that question to philosophers and drunks to debate on.

How powerful is a thought? Well, it seems to me that nothing will exist in this world unless someone has thought of it. For example, before a table comes to exist, it must first exist in the mind of the carpenter. Before a painting appears on canvas, it must first appear in the mind of an artist or painter. And before the sun, the moon, the birds and the bees exist, they must first exist in the mind of a creator, whatever or whoever it is, for there can be no effect without a cause.

This goes smack against the currently accepted Big Bang Theory and is, therefore, rejected by mainstream materialist science, except for a few theoretical physicists like Sir James Jeans, who declared, “This world is beginning to look more like a big thought than a big machine.” Another British physicist, Sir Stanley Eddington, seemed to agree when he declared that “The stuff of the universe is mind stuff.”

How powerful, then, is thought? Well, it has been shown that thought can heal, but it can also kill. One can think of or visualize a sickness, and if done properly, can make it disappear. Thought coupled with strong intention can change the molecular structure of water and even heal wounds of mice, as shown in various controlled scientific experiments conducted by Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University and also by biologist Bernard Grad.

The Japanese researcher Masaro Emoto proved that thoughts or words uttered before a container of water can change the molecular structure of water.

Intention to heal

Great healers around the world, like Ze Arigo of Brazil, Tony Agpaoa of the Philippines, and Olga Worrrall and Oscar Estebany of the United States, have proved the efficacy of the healing touch, coupled with the intention to heal the patient. And Dr. Larry Dossey has proven, through scientific experiments, that prayer, even if done from afar, has the power to heal the sick.

In a seminar I conducted before public school educators and local government officials in Cagayan de Oro in the early ’90s, I told participants to visualize or create a mental image of their sickness, and imagine it disappearing or dissipating. I put the participants first in a restful, meditative state, with alpha brain waves.

One female school superintendent had a small but painful cyst on her knee. This lady imagined she was extracting the cyst with a knife and saw it come out in her imagination. After that session, her cyst disappeared completely, to her great surprise.

I can cite here many more examples of the power of thought or imagery to cure an illness. But I think the above examples will suffice to convince us of how powerful thoughts are. So, remember, if you think you are sick, even if you’re not, then you will get sick.

And the opposite is also true. If you think yourself healthy and strong, you will be healthy and strong, depending on how vividly you create this image in your mind. This will not work unless done under proper conditions and state of mind, and repeated several times.

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