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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I just received a message from Dr. Ann C., a physician from Isabela and former student of mine who is bothered by her growing psychic perceptions and magnetic energy. She can see dead people and anticipate impending disasters or calamities before they occur.

Here are excerpts from her series of messages:

‘’Why is it that I see dead people in the operating room? At the Manila Medical Center, I saw the spirit of Dr. Braullo de Castro, after whom the OR complex was named. In August 2010, I saw a dead person sitting in the middle of the street.

‘’How come my energy seems to be getting stronger? My cell phone sometimes goes erratic for no reason when I touch it, the letters go haywire, it just breaks down. I have observed this since I got back from San Francisco before the lockdown. ‘’I have also noticed I am always saved from disasters and calamities, even from COVID-19. ‘’Before the recent deluge in Isabela, it seems I was prepared for it. I felt it coming because I felt strange.

‘’It seems these strange things are happening to me more often. I always pray to St. Michael, Padre Pio and Mama Mary.’’

Mediumistic tendencies

Dear Dr. Ann, you should not be bothered by what is happening to you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not hallucinating or getting crazy.

Your psychic perception and sensitivity to the spirit world are growing and developing. You were one of those students of mine who did very well in the psychic exercises during the seminars.

Your ability to see spirits of the dead only means you have mediumistic tendencies. In a sense we are all mediums because we are partly physical and partly spirit.

I know at least two doctors who can also see ghosts or spirits of the dead, to their surprise.

One is an audiologist who was visited by an old patient. He came to his clinic in a wheelchair being pushed by a caregiver or nurse. He did not know that patient had died. The interesting thing is that this doctor’s secretary/receptionist also saw the dead patient enter the clinic.Another is a well-known neurologist at the Makati Medical Center. He told me that on two occasions, he was visited by the spirits of two dead persons separately.

I myself have seen dead people on at least four occasions. There is no reason to be afraid of them. They mean no harm at all. Ghosts are usually earthbound spirits who may not realize they are dead or who may have an important message to relay to the living. They show themselves to people whose third eye is open, or those with mediumistic tendencies.

When you sense that a spirit is following or showing itself to you, talk to it. Find out what it wants you to do for him or her. Once the message has been conveyed, such spirits usually disappear and are not heard from again.

Remember the story in the Hollywood movie ‘’Ghost” starring Demi Moore as the wife and Patrick Swayze as the ghost? The scenes depicted in that movie are very realistic. Whoopi Goldberg was terrific as a reluctant spirit medium or channel.Magnetic field

Regarding your magnetic energy: Yes, there are people with strong magnetic force fields that they affect electrical devices.

You have to learn to manage and direct your excess energy to healing. You can become a very powerful natural energy healer.

Don’t just prescribe medicines or surgery to patients. Use your natural healing ability on them as well.

They don’t have to know what you are doing. Just do it with your mind. Direct the healing to the area in the patient’s body that is sick. You may be surprised at the results.

I know one well-known cardiologist (who already passed away) who was surprised when a patient with goiter (hyperthyroidism) came to him not for that ailment. Seeing the goiter, the doctor joked that he would melt the patient’s enlarged thyroid without medicine.

Jokingly, he placed his hand on the patient’s neck area for several minutes. After that, the goiter shrank to half of its original size. Both were surprised at the outcome.

Without his knowing it, this doctor had very strong magnetic energy. That’s why many women were uncontrollably attracted to him. INQ

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