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OCTOBER 27, 2022

One of the questions frequently asked of me after my wife died last year is this: “Has your wife communicated with you or manifested herself after she died?”

I find this quite amusing. People seem to assume that if a person dies, he or she will communicate or give a message to the one left behind.

This is not always the case. Only if earthbound or disturbed will spirits show themselves somehow to the living. If there is no manifestation at all, that means the spirits are at peace and we should not bother them.

When my wife died, I was devastated, although I know what happens to us when one’s task is finished on earth and we go to the spirit world. It is not easy for those who are left behind to be totally unaffected by the passing of a loved one. It is as if a rug has been suddenly pulled out from under your feet, and you are unable to stand alone.

Spiritual frequencies

I have been asked by a recently widowed why her husband does not communicate with her, but he did so to a cousin or close friend. “Does this mean he does not want to talk to me?” Not necessarily.

You see, communication between different dimensions or planes of existence depends on vibrations or frequency or the ability to tune in. If you are tuned into radio station dzMM, you cannot hear the broadcast coming from dzBB or elsewhere. You are on different frequencies.

The fact that you have been husband and wife for a long time does not mean you vibrate at the same spiritual frequency.

A dead person will always seek out a channel or a medium of the same spiritual frequency in order to communicate with it.

If there is no clear indication or manifestation at all that the dead wants to communicate with the living, that means he or she is at peace and should not be disturbed.

But sometimes, the newly departed manifest their presence to the living just to greet them or say goodbye, or to show that they are all right and that there’s nothing to worry about.

Unusual thing

The following happened on at least two occasions in connection with my wife’s death.

While she was lying on her bed one day after she died, our housekeeper Marylou was resting in the sala, while my wife’s body lay nearby. Suddenly, she felt somebody sweep her hair at the back of her head. It was so clear that Marylou was startled. She ran to their room beside the kitchen. She at once thought of my wife. That was the only unusual thing she experienced.

Although my wife has not communicated with or given a message to me or to any relative or close friend, here is one unusual incident related by our daughter, Yvonne Sophia, who lives in California:

“A week before Mama passed away, I woke up at 1 a.m. because the light in our walk-in closet would turn on automatically, although no one was there. It is a motion-activated light switch. It should not turn on if no one was there.

“Then two days before Mama passed away, I had been waking up between 3 and 3:30 a.m. The lights no longer turned on automatically.

“During the burial of Mama, when I was viewing it on video, nag-brownout dito. Can you believe that?

“When the cremation was finished, the electric power returned. And a couple of days later, the light at the entrance door of our house would turn on when nobody was there. I acknowledged Mama, so it went out.”

These manifestations do not mean she was earthbound. She was merely greeting her daughter. The only indication my wife was still around was, I dreamt of her twice, in a happy mood. INQ

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