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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I never thought I would own UV light sanitizers. But here I am with one that’s portable, top-of-the-line in design, and promises to last long: Moshi Deep Purple UV Sanitizer.

What I loved about it immediately is how it’s dummy-proof. Typical of my short attention span, I didn’t bother much with the manual. I pushed together the sides as you would to prop up any box and plugged it up. It was only then that I confirmed in the instructions that the indicator light turns green when it’s ready and turns purple as it sanitizes bacteria, germs, and viruses from your items in four minutes.

Moshi Deep Purple UV Sanitizer folds flat for easy storage.




Deep Purple UV Sanitizer prides itself in having a LumiClear platform to raise the objects off the interior base to allow UV-C light to clean 360°. It also folds to flat at 2 cm so you can take it with you easily.

Convenient and sleek

Once I was set up and caught up, here are the things I subjected to Deep Purple’s thorough sanitizing powers.

  1. Makeup brushes and sponges – I know for sure that some of my blemishes are because my makeup instruments could use the extra clean.
  2.  Apple Airpods – These are things I have in my ears all day, every day. I know there’s nasty stuff lingering there. I take out the pods from the case and put them in Deep Purple after I wipe off the visible gunk.
  3. Fitbit Versa 2 – I shudder to think what lives between the crevices and straps of an object that gets covered in sweat after I run.
  4. Jewelry and accessories- From sunglasses to my mother’s pearls and the new additions like Solasta’s cute Cherry Earrings.
  5. Hair Ties – Same thing with my watch; I sweat my hair out too much to believe that nothing lives in my hair accessories.
  6. Phone – Some studies claim that your phone can be at times dirtier than a toilet seat.
  7. Cords and chargers – I mean, think of where you place these things.
  8. Nail clippers – After you cleanse them with warm water and dry, a UV light cleanse will help you avoid a nasty toe or finger infection.
  9. Reusable cloth mask – An absolute necessity in these times, no doubt.
  10. Wallet and money – Money travels through so many hands…most of those hands have been God knows where. So I would advise emptying the contents of your wallet into the Deep Purple. And don’t forget the wallet itself.

I find that Deep Purple is safe to use across various materials and doesn’t affect the integrity of your objects. Given the speed it cleanses, you can do it right before using the object you have, so nothing compromises your products—a new type of must-have as we move forward into the post-pandemic world.


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