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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There’s no reason to be judgmental about your health choices, because everyone is entitled to choose whatever is best for them.  However, in the light of medical evidence, would you reconsider the path you have chosen?


People inevitably question why I am the way I am.  Simple.  The answer is, because my wellness lifestyle works for me.  And because I see results, there is no reason in the world why it cannot also work for you—unless, of course, you have a health challenge.


Frequently, I sit down and enjoy meals with people,  and watch; even if the food on their plate is on my taboo list, I will not “police” them—although my presence alone is enough to put some on the defensive. Your choice is yours alone.


But if I decide to have a completely vegetarian meal, don’t ask me, why?  Because my answer will be, why not?


Big smile


Let’s not forget the big smile.  That’s what happens when my plate is filled with fruits and vegetables.  I am happy.  The opposite happens when there isn’t any healthy vegetable choice on the buffet or menu.


For example, there is spinach lasagna on the menu but it’s overloaded with cheese, butter and extra cream.  The calories alone are enough to make you gain 2 lbs!  The result?  I end up not ordering it.  And that’s when I go for fish.


Rule #1:  If a certain food puts a smile on your face, that is a plus factor.


Rule #2:  If the smile is gone when you know it’s high-fat and high-cholesterol, then don’t touch it.


Rule #3:  If the smile is still there despite the high-fat news (and you decide to consume the food),  then you only have to blame yourself for the consequences—weight gain, high blood pressure, etc.


Think again


This will sound radical to most of you, but the latest information available to us now could improve your health, should you decide to take this seriously.


Have you ever considered why Muslims and Jews are forbidden from eating pork?  Both religions consider it unclean.  Dr. Jeff McCombs, author of the book “Life Force,” found that by eliminating pork, there is a consequent and immediate increase in energy and health levels as well as the body’s disease-fighting capabilities.


According to health experts, the danger of eating pork is an unseen one—a retrovirus called porcine endogenous.  While scientists still have no idea how this retrovirus worked in humans, what is known is that it can withstand heating and cooking at extreme temperatures. Brown University reported that retroviruses can dramatically affect the body’s ability to fight off diseases.


It has been observed that when a person goes off pork for one month, their physical discomforts (like headaches, back pain, flu and colds) diminish.  The best way to determine if a non-pork diet will benefit you is to see for yourself.  Certainly, there could be no harm in trying.


Spoonful of oil


It may be disgusting to many, but not to health enthusiasts.


Doctors even prescribe this regimen.  It’s about taking oil.  But not just any oil.  There was a woman in her 30s who had unusually high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol). Her doctor prescribed two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil nightly for 30 days, daily 45-minute exercise, more consumption of vegetables, fish and chicken only.  And sure enough, in 30 days her cholesterol level normalized.


Olive oil is high in omega 3 and 6, and has been used for ages as  medicine.  High in antioxidants, it has the ability to raise HDL or good cholesterol.  It’s rich in vitamin E and phenols (found in grapes).  This good oil can improve your heart-health.


Now let’s go to my favorite virgin coconut oil or VCO.  It is a safe oil, contrary to some alarmists, and it bears repeating.  While it is considered a saturated fat, it belongs to the medium-chain fatty acid.  What does this mean?  It means that the liver stores it as energy and not as fat.


VCO is best when processed without the use of heat.  And that is why you should go for the organic kind.


To lose weight, take one teaspoon of organic VCO before each meal.  This facilitates the quicker passage of food in the digestive tract, while stopping the conversion of food to fat.  VCO also stimulates the thyroid and increases metabolism.  And the best part of all is this: It helps the body burn stored fat even while you’re sleeping.  Try the organic VCO from The Farm in San Benito.  It’s one of the best in the market today.


Affirm today:  “I acknowledge the goodness in me.”


Love and light!




Reference:   Natural,   Kevin Trudeau

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