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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Part I


The following are my answers to questions about astral projection asked by De La Salle University student Krysta Mae Alcala for her school newspaper “Plaridel.”


Q: What is astral projection? What are the scientific and spiritual explanations for this ability?


A: Astral projection or Out-of-Body Experience (OOBE) is not an “ability” or “talent.” It is a natural phenomenon or occurrence. It happens to almost anybody, but he or she may not be aware of it.


Orthodox science does not have any explanation for this because scientists do not even believe there is such a thing. There is no acceptable scientific proof for its existence.


However, from the point of esoteric science, spirituality and parapsychology, astral projection is a fact. I myself have experienced this many times. But how do we explain the astral body?


Our human constitution is consists of several bodies of energy. The astral body is only one of them which is nearest in vibration to the physical body. Usually, the astral body detaches itself during sleep, but sometimes it can also happen while one is fully awake and conscious. The astral body is connected to our physical body through an astral cord or silver cord, which can stretch as far as outer space. There are many reasons the astral body leaves the physical body, such as to give the physical body needed rest, to gain information about the spirit world, to know the future, to meet other astral beings, to heal the sick.


Q: What are the signs that one is undergoing astral projection?


A: This differs from one person to another. To most people, it may appear like they are just dreaming. But when one wakes up during astral projection, he or she may see the physical body lying asleep on the bed while the astral body is on the air near the ceiling. This makes people afraid. But there is no reason to fear. The more a person panics, the more difficult it is to come back. But if one keeps calm, he or she will easily and naturally get back to the physical body.


The astral body is called the “desire body” because it goes where the person subconsciously wants to go.


The signs that one is going into astral projection are as follows: He may hear a soft popping sound as the astral body detaches itself from the physical body. Then he may feel the astral wind. His perspective changes, he becomes aware that he is out of the body. If he opens his astral eyes, he sees his physical body asleep on the bed.


Q: Is this a natural phenomenon or is it inherited? If natural, is there a way to develop this ability?


A: It is a natural phenomenon and not inherited as indicated earlier. However, I’ve met families where several members can go into astral projection at will. Usually, it happens spontaneously without the person consciously doing it.


Yes, there are ways of developing one’s ability to go into astral projection consciously. I teach this in my “Advanced ESP and Higher Consciousness Seminar” which I conduct only twice a year. It is a five-evening program and one has to take the Basic ESP course before being admitted into the Advanced course.


Q: What are the good and bad effects of going out of one’s body and traveling in the astral realm?


A: If the astral projection happens naturally, say during sleep, there is usually no bad effect or danger to this because it is a natural phenomenon.


However, if one induces it but is not fully prepared for it, then he may encounter some negative or lower astral beings. He may also be thrown into a vortex called the “Phantasmagoric Plane” where highly negative entities may try to grab his astral body and do not let him get away. It is like going into a “black hole” where he or she cannot escape. This is one explanation for the phenomenon called bangungot, and it is not really due to pancreatitis as doctors believe it to be.  Bangungot is sometimes called “fatal nightmare.” One does not wake up anymore. But this is very rare. Generally, astral projection is safe and harmless.


One should not attempt astral projection in a place that is haunted or where there are lower negative entities, because there is also the danger of spirit possession while one’s astral body is out. Another entity may take over one’s physical body. But if astral projection happens naturally in a positive environment, there is no danger.




Next week: What are the benefits of astral projection?




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