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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you sleep early for three days straight, the quality of your skin will improve dramatically.


Vanity is a good thing, and looking good has never been easier. Let me walk you down vanity lane, the easy way.


Q: My 40-year-old face and body are dehydrated. Rescue me, please.


Four things you need to look into:


1) Diet. What are you eating and drinking? Are you drinking enough water? You know the rule—10-15 glasses of water daily. Do you drink alcohol? This dries up the skin. Do you include vitamin C-rich foods in your meals, like dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits? If it’s an emergency plan you are looking for, then limit alcohol intake to two glasses daily.


2) Supplements. Are you taking vitamins?  Increase your vitamin C supplements to 2,000 mg daily. Add one capsule of cod liver oil. In addition, take the following daily: Glutathione with vitamin C—500 mg twice daily, and vitamin E—200-400 IU.


Note: If you don’t want to take cod liver oil, here are the options—Omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil, pumpkin oil, soy oil.  These can be added to your salad dressing.


Natural sources: walnuts, beans

Quick-fix scrub: Before bedtime, after removing your makeup, try this scrub.


Mix 1 tbsp sugar (any will do)

½ tsp virgin coconut oil (VCO)

¼ tsp extra virgin olive oil


Rub in circular motion on the face.  Avoid eye area. Wash with a VCO soap.


Topical application: For the face, get one capsule of vitamin E or A (in oil form). Prick it with a pin. Apply five droplets on the skin, especially the eye area. Rub gently. If you want it to be absorbed faster, place a warm towel on the face for three to five minutes before using the oil. This opens up your pores to receive the oil better.


Body treatment: Warm three tablespoons of VCO in a pan. After your bath, rub the VCO all over your body. If you don’t have vitamins for the face, the VCO will be just as effective.


3) Exercise. Please sweat it out. It’s the only way to cleanse your body from the inside. Perspiration acts quickly to detoxify your system. Besides, the more often you perspire, the smoother your skin will become.


4) Sleep. Are you getting enough?  The general requirement is six to eight hours nightly. And here’s a secret. If you sleep early for three days straight, the quality of your skin will improve dramatically. By early, I mean 10 p.m.  If that’s not possible, then not later than 11 p.m. Try it for a change, if only to challenge yourself.


Q:  Even if I brush my teeth thrice a day, I still have bad breath. Help!


You forgot the flossing. Trapped food between teeth is oftentimes the culprit.


Visit your dentist. Have a thorough cleaning and checkup. Rule out gum disease.


Do you eat a lot of garlic? While this might be good for the heart, it isn’t fragrant on the breath. So, every time you eat garlic-rich food, get a small serving of fresh parsley and chew on it. There is no need to swallow it. But if you do, that’s even better, because it can deodorize your body as well.


Are you fond of sugar? When you eat a lot of sweet things after a meal, it can have a fermenting effect in your stomach. So, go easy on dessert. Perhaps you should make it a habit to take one acidophilus (good bacteria) capsule thrice daily to improve digestion.  Add one tablet of chelated zinc after a meal.


There is no intention to alarm you, but you may want to rule out parasites.  These nasty creatures embed themselves in your intestines and defecate inside you. Consult your doctor. There are also many complementary medicines, health centers that can help you with an herbal regimen. Call Biosafe at 4165618.


Finally, use a mouthwash to sweeten your breath. Opt for an alcohol-free product.


Q: My greatest fear is to become bald like my father. I am a 30-year-old male executive and now have moderate falling hair. Every morning I see 10 strands of hair on my pillow. It’s alarming.


Losing hair can truly be frightening, especially when you know that genetically, you are at a disadvantage. But this is not inevitable, because baldness can be prevented in many, if not all cases. Here are some measures to take:


Reprogram your mind right now. Lifestyle has a direct influence on the state of your hair health. So erase the helplessness you feel at this moment.  Change your way of living.


Answer the following:


Do you worry too much over the smallest matters?


Are you eating healthy food?


Is your shampoo compatible with your scalp? Rule out allergies. If your shampoo contains harsh ingredients, change it for a more natural one.


Do you wear a cap or hat often? Studies show that caps tend to constrict blood circulation in the scalp. So, keep your head cap-free.


Are you taking enough vitamins and minerals?


I know a woman in her 40s who dreaded the loss of her long thick tresses. Three years ago, her busy work schedule was so toxic that she only had three to four hours of sleep on average.


One day, she woke up to see a handful of hair on her bed. Her doctor told her to avoid stress, get adequate sleep and embrace a wellness lifestyle. Today, she no longer has falling hair problems. Stress can truly damage you from within and without. Because whatever turmoil exists inside of you, it will manifest externally.


To do:


Manage your stress.


Take one B-complex tablet daily, 500 mg calcium, 250 mg magnesium, 50 mg zinc.


Have a warm coconut milk scalp rub once a week. Use a cotton ball to apply the milk. Massage gently. Freshly grated coconut milk is best.


Aloe vera works wonders for the hair. Get a fresh stalk, peel, remove the yellowish film, rub the clear fleshy gel directly on the scalp nightly.


There is a hair and scalp toxic that contains an herbal powerhouse of aloe vera, peppermint, moringa (malunggay) and VCO. Novuhair is a Philippine-German formulation and a locally manufactured natural concoction that has been consistently garnering rave reviews and testimonials. Hair fall is arrested within a few days. Call 0917-8150575 or visit Mercury Drug.


Q:  Teach me a powerful affirmation.


The most powerful of affirmations are the very same ones that spring from your own heart. Know and believe that you have divinity within you.  Acknowledge this truth and tap into its limitless source of inspiration and serenity.


Let me share with you another affirming insight. Declare with me now:  “I am an heir of God. And I claim my divine inheritance.”


Love and light!

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