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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Curiosity is good. Perhaps you are just a little bit curious about the natural cures from everyday substances that can make life better for you. Here are a few.

CASTOR OIL AND BEER. Castor oil has been used for ages to cure constipation. Just 1 tbsp daily is enough to ease your bowels. But if you are looking for an instant cleanse, mix 1/3 cup castor oil with 1/3 cup beer. Stir and drink. Over the next 30 minutes, finish the beer slowly.

EPSOM SALT AND WATER. A simple colon cleanse can be done at home. Mix 2-3 tsp of Epsom salts (available in health-food stores) in a glass of warm water. Lie on your left side for ½ hour. Experience a successful emptying of your colon! Note: Consult your doctor before doing a flush.

CINNAMON VS. DIABETES. Experts are quick to point out the factors that contribute to diabetes: Chemicals in food, lack of exercise, genetic weaknesses, poor eating lifestyle. It has been estimated that millions of people are suffering from diabetes while totally unaware of it—until it’s too late.

Apart from bitter gourd (ampalaya), turmeric (luyang dilaw) and the everyday spice called cinnamon are considered herbal aids against diabetes. Simply mix ½ tsp of cinnamon in a glass of warm water. Sip the tea anytime of the day, especially after having dessert. Cinnamon has the ability to control blood sugar at a consistent rate.

FLAX SEED OIL VS BREAST CANCER. Is there such thing as a natural breast cancer cure? Flax seed oil (known as linseed oil) is effective in the fight against breast cancer. Canadian researchers have been studying its effectiveness for many years. It appears that a little bit of flax seed is effective in killing breast cancer cells. While there’s no conclusive scientific proof yet, encouraging stories from patients have not stopped coming.

One concoction that is said to be effective is a mixture of flax seed oil with soy protein, in the form of a shake. Remember that flax seed contains high levels of dietary fiber as well as lignans, an abundance of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Try including whole flax seeds on your oatmeal or cereal as a preventive.

CROCODILE PROTEIN PEPTIDE AS ANTIBIOTIC. It was BBC News that reported this phenomenal find—a discovery made by a BBC science producer filming a documentary on salt water crocodiles in Australia. According to the report, despite injuries to crocodiles, their wounds rarely got infected. In tests, the crocodile blood sample showed that an anti-microbial peptide was present. The peptide, a natural chemical made of amino acids, acts like a natural antibiotic similar to the ones found in frogs.

Transfer factors and cancer

Mother Nature always provides. A unique code called transfer factor immune system found inside the colostrum (mother’s milk) which acts as a protector can now be scientifically replicated in a capsule to help more human beings. Manufactured by 4LIFE, a US company, transfer factor is now considered an ally in the fight against disease.

In the animal kingdom, this immune intelligence is passed on to the young. For example, the cow transfers its immune knowledge, built over years of exposure to elements, through its milk to its calf. The same goes for the hen, etc.

Thus, we can say that colostrum’s transfer factors are safe and beneficial to humans.

Let’s listen to the story of 35-year-old Julius Cortes, diagnosed with Stage 2 larynx cancer. After two years, the disease had progressed to stage 4. Desperately seeking natural cures, he started taking transfer factor for six months. He has been in remission for three years now.

Elsa Abella was diagnosed with severe rheumatic heart disease and was advised to undergo surgery. Unable to afford the procedure, she opted to try transfer factor. After three months, his heart valve was diagnosed as normal, thereby not requiring surgical intervention. (4LIFE Phils, Frank & Emy Uy Tesy, 09228948728. Visit

It’s amazing, isn’t it? We have no reason to fear any life-threatening diseases. A natural medicine cabinet is within our reach. As time passes, more discoveries and practical applications will be made.

AFFIRM TODAY: “Acclaim a miracle today!”

Love and light!

Reference: Kevin Trudeau
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