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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A researcher for a TV program of one of the major networks e-mailed a series of questions about the nature and characteristics of clairvoyance for an episode the network was planning to air.


The questions asked by this researcher demonstrate his almost complete lack of knowledge about the subject he is researching. My first reaction was to simply ignore his questions which I found funny and not worth answering.


But then it dawned on me that other people may think of clairvoyance in the same confused way. So, I am answering this TV program researcher’s questions as clearly as I can.


When and where did clairvoyance begin?


This question erroneously assumes that clairvoyance is an event or an object that has a beginning or history. Clairvoyance, which comes from two French words meaning “to see clearly,” is a natural mental faculty possessed by all human beings, just like hearing or thinking.


As such, it first began to exist when the first human being existed. It is part of his mental faculty as mentioned above.


Clairvoyance is the mental or psychic ability to see things that ordinary senses cannot see—like spirits, elementals, thought forms, astral beings and even events happening in a faraway place. Remote viewing is also called “traveling clairvoyance.” Clairvoyance is only one of around 35 psychic or ESP abilities I discuss in my book “Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man.”


How did clairvoyance start in the Philippines? When and where did it start, in precolonial times or during the Spanish time?


Because clairvoyance is an inherent or natural mental faculty of man, it first appeared in the Philippines when the first human being set foot on Philippine soil. Of course, there was no Philippines then as a country, but whatever constituted the Philippines then, is when clairvoyance started with the first man in the islands.


How does a person obtain the ability of clairvoyance or third eye? Does it have its root in Satanism and cultism?


Some people have a naturally well-developed clairvoyant ability. Most people have it, which can potentially be developed. One of the safest and surest ways of developing clairvoyance is by attending my two-day seminar on basic ESP and intuition development, which I have been conducting in the Philippines and other parts of the world since 1988.


Does clairvoyance have its roots in Satanism?


What a question! Clairvoyance, as I said, is a natural mental faculty of man. So everybody has it potentially. It has nothing to do with satanism or with any cult, although it is true that some cults try to develop this ability in their members to gain power over others.


Were there some popular people in history who have third eye?


Yes, of course. Plenty of them, but just to mention a few, we can name Jesus Christ, the apostles, most saints like Padre Pio, Don Bosco; Buddha, Nostradamus, Emanuel Swedenborg, Paracelsus, Gerard Croiset.


Some well-known clairvoyants I’ve met personally were the late Swedish psychic Olof Jonsson, Israel’s Uri Geller, Brazil’s Luis Gasparetto and England’s Stephen Turrof.


In the Philippines, we can consider faith healers and psychic surgeons like Eleuterio Terte, Tony Agpaoa, Jun Labo, Sister Flor Acacio, Alex Orbito, Lorie Taylo, Emilio Laporga as clairvoyants.


Is there a place in the Philippines where there are a lot of clairvoyants?


Clairvoyant ability is widespread all over the Philippines, but maybe I can say that in places where there are mystics in sacred places like Mt. Banahaw, Siquijor Island, espiritista or faith healers in Pangasinan, Baguio and Ilocos region, will have a large concentration of clairvoyants. But clairvoyance is universal.


Does the third eye also spot the Filipino phenomenon of sundo or doppelganger?


Oops! These are two unrelated concepts. In the first place, sundo or somebody welcoming a person about to die is not a Philippine phenomenon. It happens all over the world. Doppelganger, on the other hand, is a German word which means “double.” It refers to one’s astral body which is seen like a double of another person.


I hope the above explanation has helped to clarify what clairvoyance is all about, for this TV program researcher as well as for readers who may be similarly confused by this word.




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