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How to find–and maximize–your ‘Me’ time

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How to find–and maximize–your ‘Me’ time

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 10:22 PM March 25, 2013

This means spending and devoting a special time for the most important person ever “born to you”—and that’s yourself.

There has been constant references to “me” time as the setting aside of time you can call completely yours.  This translates to: no family, business and personal and social media interruptions that can rob you of your precious alone moments.

Women (myself included) are giving to a fault: we give our time, attention and energy to everyone in need of mothering—our family, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, church, business.


Do you wonder, then, why at day’s end, exhaustion overwhelms you?

Most men, on the other hand, are workaholics who habitually bring home work. Thus, their challenge is to clearly separate work life from home life.

Since Easter is the practical time to honor our “me” time, here are a few tips to make it more spiritually, emotionally and physically rewarding.

Unloading the burden

It’s not just about lightening your burden, but completely unloading them.

Getting rid of toxins:

This works three ways—body, mind and spirit.

Body flushing:


Water—It’s the best zero-calorie, nontoxic beverage yet. Completely unrivaled in the realm of health, water can rid you of those nagging little headaches, constipation, lack of energy and those extra five pounds that you can’t seem to lose.

But there’s a ritual you must follow:  two warm or lukewarm (not iced) glasses upon waking up. You may add a squeeze of lemon, dayap (lime) and ½ tsp of new raw wild honey.

Sea salt—Here is the much-debated stand on one of the sea’s greatest bounties: natural salt. It is rich in magnesium, which directly benefits the heart.  Note: This is not the commercially prepared supermarket shelf variety. We are talking about a back-to-nature, straight-from-the-sea market brand.

Go natural. It’s safe even for hypertensives. In fact, based on complementary medicine practices, ½ tsp of rock/sea salt could lower blood pressure. (Of course, as with any health regimen, consult your physician.)

Juicing—Take any vegetable and fruit. Combine whatever you like, juice them and drink up. Sample?  Try these combination:

Blood Booster:

1 tbsp malunggay (moringa) leaves or the contents of three capsules of organic moringa

1 whole or ½ of a guyabano (seeded)

Power Charger:

2 pcs raw fresh sweet potato

1 whole green apple (seeded and peeled)

Body Cooler:

1 whole cucumber (peeled and seeded)

1 whole singkamas

1 c fresh pineapples


Super Cleanser:

4 pcs romaine lettuce

½  ampalaya (bitter gourd)

1 whole singkamas

1 sugar beet

Serious health enthusiasts will go for this regimen at least once weekly, together with a gentle enema.

Enema—If you don’t have the time to visit The Farm in San Benito (call 8848073) or Vietura at Sofitel, here is a do-it-yourself enema as specified by Dr. Omar Arabia of Paracelsus Integrative Medical Clinic (call 9296093).

3 tbsp organic coffee—This boosts the liver’s glutathione production by 400 percent

1 pint water

Boil contents for 15 minutes. Cool.  Strain well. When lukewarm, administer into colon in three installments.  Hold in liquid for 10-15 minutes between the installments.

Hydrate with water throughout the 45-minute procedure. Drink the super cleanser juice after the procedure. Take two capsules acidophilus for gut and colon health. (Note: This regimen is recommended for people with ulcers.)

Turmeric (luyang dilaw)

For allergy-prone individuals and for general cleansing, this enema will boost your immune system. In a separate cup, you may also drink the concoction as you are doing the enema.

3 small sticks of fresh turmeric (peeled and sliced)

1 pint water

Boil for 10 minutes. Strain and cool to lukewarm. Follow same procedure as coffee enema.

You may also do this enema twice weekly when you have a sneezing fit (which is common during summer’s hay fever season).

Exercise—Take up any physical activity that will allow you to sweat. Do it regularly.

The mind—Get away from the office, and don’t bring the office with you wherever you go. This applies to your mobile phone or laptop.


Focus on having a relaxing time.  Know that every time you slow down, your body responds by not working under pressure. You may not realize it, but this simple act slows down the aging process.

The spirit (heart)—These are two components of who you are, which are intertwined.

Stop—the anger, complaining, bickering over whatever issues that have been “eating up” your time and energy.  This is a literal translation: the eating up of your insides will follow, such as gastric problems, ulcers.

Forgive—The act of forgiveness takes courage. No matter what the circumstances, learn to forgive. The expression “I can forgive but not forget” is a contradiction in terms, but it’s at least a start. Victims of violence may forgive the person, but not the act—this doesn’t diminish their right to the pursuit of justice.

But in our everyday personal lives, forgiveness paves the way for healing.

Search for your savior—Savior searching is not done externally but internally.

There is no person “out there” who can be the answer to all your dreams, or who can deliver you from your pain of incompleteness.  Strengthen instead your spiritual relationship with God.

Each time you feel that you are looking for a savior in other people again, stop yourself. Ask yourself, “Is this person or situation the answer to my ‘completeness?’”  Every time you search outside, it is really an exercise in the search for external power.

The real power is inside you.

Today’s affirmation:  “I am divinely empowered.”

Love and light!

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