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Quantum physics and paranormal phenomena


(Part II)

In last week’s column, I discussed the inadequacy of conventional science in explaining various paranormal phenomena. Dismissing these as mere anomalies of nature or plain trickery does not really help explain how or why they occur.

Because conventional science cannot explain these nonphysical phenomena, we need to develop a new science—the science of the impossible. And I said that quantum physics, or quantum mechanics, seems to come the closest to explaining such phenomena.

But what is quantum physics, also known as particle physics and quantum mechanics? From a layman’s standpoint, it is the branch of physics that deals with the smallest particles of matter, i.e. subatomic particles.

Quantum physics tries to discover the smallest particle of matter beyond which you cannot go any further.

The ancient Greek philosopher Democritus called the smallest particle of matter “atom,” which means “indivisible.” Beyond the atom there’s nothing else.

Atomic bomb

Then modern physics found that the atom was not the smallest particle of matter, that it is not indivisible. Atoms are composed of still smaller particles called electrons, protons and neutrons. When Einstein came along and proposed that atoms hold within them tremendous amounts of energy, he paved the way for the development of the atomic bomb, which destroyed thousands of lives at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Einstein was reported to have regretted his discovery.

When modern physicists started studying the smallest particles of matter, they found that energy was not continuous but discrete. That’s what has since been known as the quantum level, beyond which one cannot go any further.

However, modern physicists discovered to their amazement that these smallest particles of matter do not obey the universally accepted laws of classical physics postulated by Sir Isaac Newton. They are following laws completely in defiance of Newtonian laws.

For example, in classical physics, the universe is seen to be deterministic and predictable. There are no surprises because “God,” according to them, “does not play dice with the universe.” So, cause always precedes effects, the speed and location of particles are definite and measurable, object and subject are separated and independent from each other, etc.

Quantum physicists, on the other hand, discovered that at the quantum level, cause may occur at the same time as its effect, that one cannot predict both the velocity and position of a particle at a given time, and that subject and object are not really separate and distinct from each other. They found, for example, that an object changes as it is observed. A particle, like photon, can behave both as a particle or a wave depending on the observer.

What are some other shocking discoveries or theories of quantum physics which may explain paranormal phenomena?

1. The Wave Property Theory, which says that “a quantum object (for example, an electron) can be at more than one place at the same time.” This somehow explains how bilocation (i.e. being in two places at the same time) can take place.

2. The Collapse of the Wave Theory states that “a quantum object cannot be said to manifest in ordinary space-time reality until we observe it as a particle.” This explains to me how materialization is possible. Once we visualize or mentally form any image of an object, it can manifest physically.


3. The Quantum Jump Theory states that “a quantum object ceases to exist here and simultaneously appears over there.” This explains to me how teleportation takes place. In teleportation, a person or object can disappear in one place and simultaneously appear in another. There are documented accounts of this phenomena.

4. The Quantum-Action-at-Distance Theory states that “manifestation of one quantum object, caused by our observation, simultaneously influences its correlated twin object, no matter how far apart they are.” This explains to me telekinesis, or mind over matter, the power to affect or move an object without physical force.

In one single sweep, the world of Newtonian physics seemed to collapse. Physicists no longer understood what laws govern the behavior and characteristics of particles. What’s worse was that when they started smashing or dividing these particles into still smaller units, they found nothing there. In other words, what we consider to be solid matter is made up of nothing but empty space.

And that’s why the great Danish physicist Niels Bohr remarked that, “Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

Some quantum physicists began sounding more like mystics rather than scientists. For example, Arthur Stanley Eddington said the universe is “beginning to look more like a great thought than like a big machine.” And Sir James Jeanes, another physicist, agreed when he said, “The stuff of the universe is mind stuff.”

Heretical words, indeed! Suddenly, the once predictable world of Newtonian physics has become as unpredictable as the weather. Suddenly, nothing makes sense anymore.

That’s probably why Niels Bohr said, “If quantum physics has not profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

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  • Wherez Waldo

    Please stop trying to tie your voodoo claptrap to real science. The so called paranormal things you describe can be explained with out sullying quantum physics… Simply people that make those claims have an over active imagination and are hoping for a book deal

    • rosaddiaq

      I agree. In the first place, quantum mechanics is not the “science of the impossible”. It explains the behaviour of elementary particles moving near the speed of light ( computers were made possible by quantum physics ). For “large objects” like Mr. Licauco and apples moving at “normal” velocities, Newtonian physics still works. Paranormal phenomena like religion are all products of the imagination.

      • Damian Dailisan

        Just wanted to point out that relativity (phenomenon observed for objects moving close to the speed of light) is not quantum physics. Get your facts straight.

  • Matt Water

    What if the machine wasnt picking up the exact location for the photon so, in digital figures, it appears in two places at once!? Since it does only occur like that for a glimpse second. Which means the particle wouldn’t be completely there on both sides. While noticing the exact make up of a photon is still under way the more we look into an atom…. The more detailed we see it become! By calculating far into something, with the understanding of changing factors when a particle is observed, wouldnt we be destroying the fate of things moving freely!? N say we do have the supposed free will, something that has lasted the longest, must kno the most about that subject. (Energy itself). If we begin to reach the realm of energy movement or energy prediction (which is wat we are currently in the process of doing)…. Then we could and would harness the energy to be greater than any atom bomb ever made!!! Even possibly create our own self sustained black hole……. Then i wonder if einstein was right by saying that knowledge will be our downfall! Why not study into the energy bringing us up! Like i dont kno….. Personal flying machines more efficient than the wasp x jet! Let that be our most exceeding advancements and findings!!! Instead of destroying we should be building! Up. Flight. Fly! Quantum mechanics could possibly be one of the worst developments to our own man! Its remarkable as much as terrifying to kno all this. Wish the right people could see where im coming from on this. But while everything is not fully understood, the human brain itches to find wat is missing! Forgetting some things are hidden for a reason.

  • Aivin Solatorio

    This article is pathetic. “Physicists no longer understood what laws govern the behavior and characteristics of particles.” – this is a proof of how the author is so naive about Physics. Please don’t say such stuff if you’ve not even finished an undergraduate degree in Physics. If you can’t solve the Schroedinger equation, then, you don’t have a bit of authority to discuss Quantum Physics in any context.

  • francis paraan

    this article is a complete misrepresentation of quantum physics. it is an utter disservice to the public that such nonsense is published and given credence by a supposedly professional publication. instead of providing useful information, the author has successfully miseducated an already scientifically-impoverished nation.

    • Tuks

      Huwag mo nang patulan dre.

  • KpTUL

    Seriously ?

    “The stuff of the universe is mind stuff” and “beginning to look more like a great thought than like a big machine”, simply mean that they are very astounded by science. Nothing more ! So the author should stop making fuss about it and should stop from making any magical insinuations.

  • farmerpo

    Leave quantum physics alone if you don’t even have an inkling that an electron is not Limcauco. Must have read Michio Kaku and got carried away without really understanding what Physics of the Impossible is all about.

    The James Randi Foundation got tired of waiting for someone to give a million dollar to. All they wanted was proof of any paranormal or psychic phenomenon.
    PDI should have a tabloid where these kind of articles should be published.

  • Dennis Seda

    As a physicist, I find this article insulting.

    As a teacher, I find this detrimental.

    As a person with a sense of humor, I find this very amusing. Amusing because most physicists would still say that everything in this article is poorly researched.

    • hu_yu

      why?, maybe you are just a “multiple choice type” physicist who is just relying on books and not doing experiments….

  • SarK0Y

    quantum mechanics is limited instrument because it treats subatomic particles as only 4D objects, but they could have much more dimensions of Space/Time & through such dimensions their properties might be explained (dual nature, entanglement, mass[less]…).

  • KpTUL

    Inquirer 7 pays their journalists to hijack and extract the web with information such as quantum physics and stuffs and then collate these information and write awful science fiction stories. I think, inquirer 7 owes Mr Licauco an honorary doctorate degree in paranormal science and physics. What has happened to inquirer nowadays ?

    • Juan_Smith

      Maximizing the usefulness of the web ha?

  • Rolf Froböse

    For more science background I recommend the new book: The Secret physics of Coincidence: Quantum phenomena and fate – can quantum physics explain paranormal phenomena?

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