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SHANGRI-LA EDSA Plaza in Mandaluyong hosts the Korean Film Festival Oct. 27-31 and Nov. 2-4 at Shang Cineplex Cinema 4.

The event is a partnership between the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korea-Philippine Cultural Foundation Inc. and Shangri-La Plaza. It showcases Korean cinema with an exciting lineup of widely acclaimed horror and thriller films.

In ?Epitaph,? Park Jeong-nam travels back in time to 1942, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, when he was still a young and immature intern at Anseong hospital. Within those four days of his reminiscing, strange events begin to happen.

Ji-won has amnesia and, with no recollection of her past, struggles to build a life for herself in ?The Ghost.? And while she tries hard to untangle the knot of memories that continues to elude her, she is also tormented by nightmares, the mysterious death of her friends and a ghost that only she can see.

?M? is the story of up-and-coming author Min-woo who finds himself plagued by nightmares and hallucinations while getting ready for his anticipated follow-up novel. The unexplainable condition begins to affect both his personal and professional life, and soon he is unable to differentiate reality from fantasy.

Chaos descends on small, idyllic Paradise Island when a series of deaths is discovered. In ?Paradise Murdered,? a special investigation unit is sent to the island to get to the bottom of the mystery. Results lead to a note, a gun, a knife stained with blood and the disappearance (or murder?) of 17 of the island?s inhabitants.

Eun-soo gets lost in a country road and meets a girl who leads him to her house in the middle of the forest. Soon, Eun-soo is trapped and learns that all the adults who stayed in that very house met a mysterious and terrible end. In this retelling of ?Hansel and Gretel,? Eun-soo also discovers a book that tells the brutal end of none other than himself.

A grudge-filled ghost, pretty red shoes possessed by it, and a curse that affects so many lives are the key elements that transform a sad yet beautiful fairy tale into a ghastly and grueling story. Andersen?s beloved tale ?The Red Shoes? is reborn into a frightening and terrifying Korean horror flick that delves into the hidden greed that lies in people?s minds.

A series of murders occur with only one clue linking them?the homepage of the girl Minjung, which remained open on all the victims? computers during the time of their deaths. In ?Arang,? detectives Soyoung and Hyunki team up to uncover what happened to Minjung when she disappeared 10 years ago and her connection to the serial murder case.

Admission to the Korean Horror Movie Festival is free. For inquiries, contact 6337851 loc. 113 or log on to