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Give your gifts–without leaving home


Scared of horrible holiday traffic? So are we.

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One-stop shops


There are two types of shoppers: those whose soundtrack are as chill and relaxed as “Let It Snow,” and those whose Christmas shopping song is the accelerated version of the Chipmunks Christmas album. If you are just about ready to give up on your long Christmas list and prepare hastily printed IOU’s instead, check out these one-stop shops that will let you cross off every name while spending only once on parking.

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From orchid lilac to bold pink–Nars launches 40-shade lipstick line

A SHADE for every mood. Nars releases 40 hues of audacious lipstick.

Nars became a fixture on the beauty map with its iconic Orgasm—a peachy pink powder blush shot with gold shimmer which, when applied on the cheeks, mimicked the dewy, rosy glow a woman exudes while in ecstasy.

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Yao Ming, the gentle giant’s champion

“NO BUYERS, no killers” is YaoMing’s simple message to help abolish elephant slaughtering for ivory.

It was a trip to Africa that turned former NBA star Yao Ming into a staunch protector of the elephant, the animal kingdom’s gentle giant.   Seeing slaughtered elephants and rhinos with their tusks and horns removed stirred sadness in Yao. “Honestly, after that experience, any time I see ivory or a horn, either from […]

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Why Uber matters

UBER is so convenient and
safe that it has amassed
loyal and vocal fans willing
to defend the service.

We’re afraid of cabs, and it’s not an irrational fear. Two years ago, someone we know was robbed and assaulted in a cab on her way home. Just a few months ago, another friend was robbed and assaulted while in a cab, while two others were held at knifepoint riding a jeepney in two separate occasions.

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