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Calling Crowley: ‘There are scarier things in life’

FUN Jared
Padalecki and
Mark Sheppard

For a fantasy or paranormal series to last 10 years on TV is no easy feat, and yet “Supernatural” makes it seem as easy as Dean Winchester’s favorite pie.

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Why you need to check out NimbleTV


I can still remember how TV was before cable and the Internet came along. The only way for you to catch your favorite TV show was to sit by the TV and wait for it to come on (there was no app to alert you when your show would be on; you either memorized the schedule, wrote it down, or consulted an actual TV guide magazine or that day’s newspaper). I had a portable battery-operated TV that was the size and shape of a big waffle cone with a matchbox-sized screen. I would hunch over it when my mom would drag me to the supermarket, bummed that I had to watch “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” on such a tiny screen with fuzzy reception— it was more audio than video, but it was better than nothing.

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Do you want to know a Secret?


Back when we were kids (or even now, to be honest), to be entrusted with a secret felt like winning a prize or finishing a particularly brutal Candy Crush level. It made you feel important and trusted, or relieved and scared at the same time— relieved to have shared something precious (or embarrassing), and scared that the secret might be revealed.

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The ‘Harry Potter’ spin-offs


The internet left one mighty fine Easter egg for Potterheads around the world when Pottermore’s website released an article from the Daily Prophet written by Rita Skeeter. Of course, the puppet master Rita was actually J.K. Rowling in disguise.

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‘Ape’-pocalypse now

PRIMAL INTELLIGENCE Caesar and the gang are back in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

It all started with a virus. In 2011’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” James Franco’s character Dr. Will Rodman had just developed a virus called ALZ-112, which was intended to cure Alzheimer’s Disease.

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