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ELECTED POWER and power from celebrity are two different things,? says Kris Aquino.

?Because walang asawa si Noy, malaki yung focus sa sisters. Pinamukha ng mga sisters ko sa akin, being the most visible, ikaw ang pinaka-pwedeng i-target for a lot of attacks.

?But it can also be an opportunity to do a lot of good.?

Aquino is transitioning once more.

With her brother?s impending proclamation as President, media?as always?is equally transfixed on the TV host-actress, the shift in the presumed President-elect?s life seemingly and inextricably tied to that of his popular and often controversial sister.

It is she, both by need and demand, who?s similarly making changes in her life, ostensibly to ?give peace? to her siblings. A week ago, she announced she?s leaving her entertainment talk shows, making room for speculation: What will she be doing next? No, she?s not taking over ?Wowowee?; she?ll tell you she?s above that.

She has also reconciled with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, and has once more signed up as a Belo endorser.

She and her brother have not always seen each other eye to eye. But even that seems to have changed in the last year or so, as the family went through the painful ordeal of watching their beloved mother slowly succumb to cancer.

In Cory Aquino?s death, her children?s individual strengths surfaced, her daughters eventually uniting to propel their only brother to the presidency. This was in no small part owed to the popularity of the youngest, who begged, implored, even promised the heavens to those who would vow to help in her brother?s bid.

In turn, he has learned to say ?thank you,? she says, giving the public an insight into the new, possibly more cordial dynamics between brother and sister. She also talks fondly about her brother?s affection for her kids.

In an exclusive interview with the Inquirer, the once First Daughter and now presumed First Sister tells how she?s modifying her life to do her brother good, and the extent to which she?ll go to protect him.

She has suggested that he take residence in Arlegui, the same place they called home when their mother was President. The TV host feels Malacañang bestows a bad vibe upon those who choose to stay there.

?Sa mga feng shui master, every time you have a view of a dirty river, they?re very strict about that, kailangang linisan... pipili ka ng hindi mo nakikita ang Pasig River. Kasi daw lahat ng dumi nakukuha mo.?

She also discusses how she?s continuing the style makeover of her brother, enlisting top designers to make his work clothes, even employing her own stylist to plan his presidential wardrobe.

?He?s so frugal,? she says in exasperation, recalling how her brother dismissed her offer to shop for new clothes (he had lost weight during the campaign). The stylist said her brother will need ?something... that looks presidential but is casual enough because he has to have that young spirit.?

And then, there?s her own political plans?definitely not in 2013; though six years from now, ?kabahan na lang [sila],? she warned, laughing.

Given just how many votes she was able to pull in for her brother in this election and the last, it?s a threat her detractors and potential political rivals should not take lightly.

Has Noy spent time with Josh and Baby James lately?

Noy is really good with Josh and Baby James. Sabi niya mas okay daw ang pamangkin kasi masosoli mo (laughs). Before, Josh was in Times Street four times a week for tutoring, and after tutor magdi-dinner with mom. But when she wasn?t well na, nasira ?yung routine niya. So he really felt displaced. Noy would make it a point na idi-dinner out si Josh. When we were already in the hospital, lalabas sila ni Noy, magdi-dinner sila. Favorite nila yung Hai Shin Lou on Pasay Road. They like Sandaya, Sakura. Basta Chinese and Japanese. Nung campaign at sobrang busy, bumawi pa rin. During summer break, nalabas niya ?yung dalawa. The previous Sunday, nag-Podium sila kasi he has utang daw na birthday gift kay Baby James. Sabi nya, ?Naku, ?yung maliit mo, ikaw na ikaw.? The whole time daw he was on the phone in the car, si Baby James daw daldal nang daldal. Di daw sya maka-focus sa kausap nya. ?Tito Noy, Podium na? Podium na tayo? Daming tao?? Super kulit at pabili daw nang pabili, turo daw nang turo. Sabi ni Noy, ?No, you?re three [years old] so you can choose only three.? So nagpabili ng Thomas na bike, Thomas na train set... Si Josh naman everything lang na parang sa Candy Corner. He goes to Wellness at Medical City, two-hour, four-times-a-week supervised exercise program. He reached a point that we got scared na, 295 lb.

But he?s very tall.

6?1?. But now he?s 278 lb. Ang goal lang namin mag-250.

Have you put him on a diet?

Meron. The hard part is, they encourage you to eat a lot?a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruits?but it?s still volume. Pero malakas talaga. Nakakaawa talaga because he?ll say, ?Mama, can I have one of the blue chips?? yung Ruffles. ?One lang, ha? Small.? Malungkot pag naka-diet ka, whereas with Baby James, struggle pakainin. He?s naturally long and lean. He likes fried chicken, cream of mushroom soup, chocolate ice cream, specific pa, yung Nestlé Heaven. Every day of his life! But he doesn?t gain because he?s very active.

Don?t you teach them how to eat right?

Kasi my mom said pag payat, hayaan na lang. ?Yung mataba ang kailangang bantayan. Hotdogs, ayan payag. Chicken na walang kamatayan. And every meal has to have cream of mushroom soup. Per case kami bumili ng Campbell?s.

Would you allow Baby James and Joshua to stay some days in Malacañang?

Ayaw namin sa Malacañang. Sabi ko, ?Noy, suwerte ang Arlegui, doon ka.? Kasi nag-survive ang Mom.

But it?s an office now.

Puwede naman ipabalik. When we got there [in 1986] it was dilapidated. Lahat ng nag-stay sa Malacañang nagka-problem, whereas si Ramos finished his term na walang problema. Sa mga feng shui master, every time you have a view of a dirty river, they?re very strict about that, kailangang linisan. Ang dami naming units na tiningnan in the Makati area, halimbawa sa Rockwell, pipili ka ng hindi mo nakikita ang Pasig River. Kasi daw lahat ng dumi nakukuha mo. The best experience of the campaign for me was seeing the beauty of the Philippines. Sabi ko, ?My God, gumastos pa ako sa Phuket, wala namang sinabi ang Phuket compared to this. We went to 33 provinces. Ang pinaka-gustung-gusto ko talaga, Leyte and Samar. Green and lush and beautiful talaga. Very Amorsolo-like na nagsu-swim ang mga bata... Progressive yata yung northern where the Dazas are, you can tell by the roads. Yung kina Boy [Abunda] sa Borongan, yun ang poor talaga. Small roads talaga. But I told Boy, ?Mapapasikat natin ang Borongan kasi you have the best lechon.? I swear! Ibang lasa!

Like Cebu lechon?

Better! Maliit lang sya, but the stuffing, kasi chi-nop so nakita ko?kasi I cook?there was tanglad, laurel, garlic. As in buo-buong garlic. Nanay (Boy?s mother) sent me last Saturday, ang lechon daw ng Borongan iba ang pigs. The pigs are specifically grown for lechon. Iba yung diet nila. In my magazine, I listed all the food that I tried. Ang sarap talaga. Sa Dipolog, the fish is so big! Sarap!

You?re a foodie pala?

Pinoy. I only like Pinoy, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Ayoko ng mga fusion.

How do you think you can best help your brother when he?s President?

Sabi ko, ?Noy, gusto kong magkaroon ng culinary tours.? Kasi research ako nang research about our trip to the States, kami ni Pinky we love researching trips. Half the fun is researching what to do. When you go to Thailand or Italy, meron silang tours for foodies. Sabi ko kay Noy, ?Kung sarap lang, i-package mo yan.? Parang 10 nights of the best of the Philippines in food. Culinary tourism is the way to go. During the campaign, in the last week, Kiko Pangilinan took care of the schedule for me for the caravan. He was telling me, we only have 3 million tourists now. Maging 6 million lang daw, that?s 3 million more jobs. So ?yun lang ang kulang. Yung ang pinu-push ko... I really cook!

Do you do the prepping yourself?

No (laughs). Naka-ready na.

But your mom was a good cook, too.

That?s right. Among the sisters ako lang ang matiyaga. I really love it. And I love my kitchen. Nag-splurge ako, yung buong Le Creuset na set, in yellow.

Where do you stay?

In Makati... I like condo, ayoko talaga ng house, pilitin ko man ang sarili ko. Gusto ko talagang sumasakay ng elevator (laughs). Pinagbigyan ko lang my sisters who said maganda ang house. Pero ayoko talaga.

How do you foresee your lifestyle changing when your brother becomes President?

Malaki na. I told Noy, ang laking income na sinacrifice ko. Ang laki ng ginud-bye ko with those two talk shows. Sabi nya, ?Look at the bright side. Hahanapan ka nila ng ibang show that will showcase your other talents.? (Laughs) I announced it officially Monday of last week. My last ?SNN? is June 25, my last ?Buzz? is June 27. The suggestion came from one of my managers, Deo Endrinal. ?Iwas-pusoy ka na lang in avenues where you will be giving a comment that can be subject to interpretation and misinterpretation. Isipin mo, you can ask to just leave that and give peace to your siblings.? I talked to my sisters and we had a meeting with the [network] bosses, and they understood where I was coming from.

Was it an easy decision?

(Long pause) No, kasi sad din. Boy and I have been together in ?The Buzz? for 11 years. ?SNN? was my idea. That was my baby. I pushed for that when I was renewing my ABS contract. It?s kinda sad. Itong Wednesday na ?to, they are presenting the new concepts for me. Mukha namang okay.

You won?t be away from TV?

I won?t be because the soap runs until July. Basta ang parameters namin walang controversial talk shows.

So public affairs?

No kasi entertainment pa rin naman eh, kasi for the longest time, I was hosting a game show, I?m still a judge in a talent show, so that?s okay. I was honest with them, during the campaign ang tawag sa akin Celine, which is the name of my teleserye character, most especially in Visayas and Mindanao. I was telling them I don?t mind every year doing a teleserye even if it?s just 13 or 26 weeks because it keeps you connected with the audience. Maraming new options.

How about hosting ?Wowowee??

Hindi sa pagyayabang ha, but I think I deserve a brand that?s all my own. I don?t need to get anybody else?s show, especially if it will leave a bad taste in the mouth kasi magkakaroon pa ng impression na ?yung panalo ang sinide-an. And it?s a very male show, that?s why si Robin ang nag-take over, di ba?

Will you help host state dinners, etc.?

Mom would always make me before, like magsusundo sa airport, chichika-chika kayo in the car together, itatabi ka dun sa wife. All the important state visits ako ang nasama, ?yung Pope, the Bushes, the coronation of the emperor. But iba yun because I was 15-21 years old; ibang-iba yun sa 39-45. Iba na ?yung maturity. I was naming nga places that have indicated na gusto siyang i-invite at nag-aagawan na kami ng gusto naming mga sisters (laughs). He doesn?t like traveling, kaming mga girls love traveling. Nakakatawa nga, sabi nya, ?Yung China?? Sabi ko ayoko, ?kasi nung sinamahan ko si Mom walang sweet and sour pork, Noy.? (Laughter) Ang baduy but ?yun ang gusto ko talaga. I like Americanized Chinese. We eat in Summer Palace or Shang Palace at least twice a month. There?s always fried rice and sweet and sour pork, hot prawn salad. Gustung-gusto ko ng food because ayoko ng outdoors. I love the kitchen. I can stay home a week straight na di lumalabas.

How are you coping with the loss of your mom? Your family has had no time to grieve.

It?s very different because Dad died instantly, but we had a year and five months to prepare for Mom. With Dad there was no goodbye, with Mom, lahat ng we needed and wanted to say and she needed to say to us, we were able to. The grief kasi lasted the entire time that she was sick. I think Noy?s candidacy came about kasi we knew what it was like to be united because we faced something so difficult. Kung ?di namin pinagdaanan ?yung kay Mom, for sure during the campaign nag-away-away to death na kami. But we knew how to divide responsibilities. Because of the crisis, everyone?s strength came out.

What are the particular moments when you miss your mom?

You don?t really miss your mom when you?re sad because you want to spare your mom that. But when you?re happy... During elections, I stayed up until botohan, so I was first in the precinct at 7 para antukin na ako at paggising ko tapos na. That night, mga 11:30, 12:30, parang it?s going good. Doon, iyak ako nang iyak. Sabi ko sana nakita ni Mom ito. Dun ko siya nami-miss. During the campaign and thousands were lining up on the streets, tapos the posters na kaming dalawa from Noy?s last campaign, they were holding it up. Tapos nung naliligo ako after Ilocos, naiyak ako kasi Mom said never to go here. Naalala ko that Mom said don?t bother. But they were nice to us naman. Not all of them hate us pala.

Do you give inputs on people who would work for Noy?

There were people in the campaign I worked closely with. Tinanong lang ako on my opinion, not because... I guess they?re already on that list. They just asked, ?Anong strength niya?? Yun lang, wala ako sinaggest. Except sa entertainment.

How will you watch your brother?s back?

There was a governor in a province who said na di niya dadalhin si Noy kasi hindi raw sya niligawan ng maayos. Sabi ko, ?We didn?t know na kailangan kang ligawan because, had we known, I would?ve really gone all out.? I?m really persistent. Say, we had that meeting on a Saturday. Sunday night, nagmi-meeting na sila ni Noy. He said, ?I?m asking also to see you because I know your sister won?t stop. From the time she saw me,? sabi niya 11 times ko daw siya tinext. Ang laki nung probinsya. That was a month before the elections. Finally he gave na his word to support Noy. Three days before elections, I reminded him lang. Then, afterward, he texted me the results. ?Do you know why I wanted to help your brother? Because I knew if your brother lost in my province, for the next six years of my life, you will hound me.? Sabi ko, yes, I will (laughter). You know Noy, he?s very proper. He?s not the type who will call to say, ?Uy, tulungan mo ako ha?? Eh ako wala akong ganun. ?My God, you have to help Noy!? ?Yun ang difference namin. And Noy had to apologize pa to the governor. ?Pasensya ka na, hindi sanay to get a no kasi bunso.?

How would you use this kind of power to protect him?

What?s good about Noy, even closest friends said, pag may inilalapit kang papel sa kanya at nakita niyang there?s something na medyo... Magno-no siya right away. Hindi siya kailangang i-protect from that. Ang kailangan niya, kami ni Ate sabi namin, minsan kailangang i-soften kasi masyadong hard-line. Eh di ba ang politics kailangang compromise also, basta ?wag kang magnakaw. Pero kailangan meron kang dapat himas-himasin. Sabi ni Noy, ?Ano daw yung pinangako mo sa Dipolog na kapag 60 percent ako, bibigyan mo sila ng ospital?? Yeah, I said so. ?Oh my God, Kris, anong pinagsasabi mo?? (Laughter) But I said, ?Noy, the whole town really delivered.? Sabi niya, ?Ilista mo nga ang mga pinangakuan mo (laughs).? Sabi ko sa mga tao, ?Alam niyo ho, mahirap para kay Noy ang sya ang mangangako. Bilang kapatid nya, pwede akong mangulit na tuparin niya. Ako po ang fairy godmother, anong gusto ninyo na ipapaabot ko? Eto po ang mga pwedeng ibigay sa inyo na mga proyekto...? I don?t think I?m the leader but I?m the perfect campaigner. Ang problema ko is I will promise the world. May pinangakuan ako ng ospital, sports complex, kung anu-ano (laughs). Nung nakasabay ko si Ate Vi, I really took down notes. If ever mag-aambisyon ako, I have to be like her. She knows every kapitan by name and it was a three-hour motorcade. At memorized niya kung anong kailangan nila. In the capitol, may malaking billboard sa labas, with a list of all the projects she was able to accomplish in three years. Viel said that Noy naman is not the type to drumbeat his achievements. Sabi ko, ?But Viel, as a voter and a taxpayer, gusto ko to know where my money went. Noy, kunin natin ?yung mga malaking-malaking billboards sa Guadalupe tapos in your first year, eto ang mga na-accomplish mo.? Di ba? Para alam mo na, like the C6, di ba dapat matatapos na... When you?re in the top 32 percent ang income at ang laki-laki ng kinakaltas sa ?yo and that E-Vat which is forever an issue, at least you know where it went.

How will you complete the presidential makeover of your brother?

That?s the problem. He?s so frugal. Sabi ko, ?Noy ang luluwag ng maong mo. Bili na tayo,? kasi he lost weight. Sabi nya, ?Sayang kasi tataba na naman ako ulit.? (Laughter) ?But you need the in-between.? ?Huwag na!? Ate said, ?Ang swerte ni Noy, di nya nari-realize. Akala nya magically nag-a-appear ang mga polo na ginamit nya sa campaign without realizing na binayaran mo.? ?Ate, i-stress ko pa ba siya at sabihan na binayaran ko ang mga polo niya??

He said he knew that they came from you.

Yes, but he doesn?t know how much they cost. JC Buendia naman gave them at super-friendly price. The barong naman, sinukatan na siya before, meron na from Paul Cabral, JC, Rhett Eala. Hello, ang problema, sa commercials ang ginamit pa rin yung lukutin ones which I really hate because they?re messy, di ba? Yung linen na ang luwag-luwag na sa kanya. Buti na lang yung sa Time magazine, you really have to credit JC for that, 18 hours. Liz Uy was styling Noy and nahihiya na si Noy. Sabi nya, ?Di naman ako kailangang bantayan.? Liz and I were discussing kung anong magiging look niya. And Liz was saying, ?He needs something every day that looks presidential but is casual enough because he has to have that young spirit.? When he was in the Senate, I had 18 suits made by JC, Randy, Ivar and Joey. Ayaw niya kasi daw ng masyadong hapit, and he didn?t like the flat-front pants. Ayaw niya daw, kailangan may pleats para maraming nalalagay sa pockets (laughs). Ngayon daw isusuot na lang daw niya yung mga dating pinagawa ko, tutal kasya na kasi pumayat sya. ?Noy, three years ago na ayan, nag-iba na yung shoulder.?

How about for the inaugural?

He has to carry on the archipelago [embroidery on the chest]. May weaver si Rhett for that. I just told Liz he?ll need a working wardrobe and that?s the last thing he will think about. Hindi rin vain si Shalani [Soledad, her brother?s girlfriend] eh, so swak sila dun. Ako yung maarte. She?s very nice, gusto ko sya... Ang cute nung line ni Noy ha, ?20 years after, I?m still alive because I?m meant to meet you? (giggles). Whee! The nakakakilabot line of Noy.

You?re back with Belo?

I?ve been na. You see I?m peeling o, kasi nag-Cosmelan ako. It?s a mask that?s applied to your face. And every night for 30 days, may follow-up na nilalagay. Slow peeling because patse-patse yung natatanggal. Yung sun damage naaalis. Sa campaign, maski SPF 60, sun spot galore. Tapos I did the Multipolar for my whole body. Okay siya, pero mahal siya ha! It firms your skin... I felt enough time had passed. It came na hindi na pilit.

Okay na kami [ni Dr. Vicki Belo] when ?SNN? started, when I interviewed her. She was at a good point in her life, na-announce na hiwalay na sila, but di pa pumuputok ?yung sex video. And then that whole issue with Boy...

And it was because okay na with Boy also. Boy negotiated everything with Jojie [Dingcong], their lawyers. Sabi ko, kung hindi ka comfy huwag na nating pilitin. Sabi nya, ?Ano ka ba, okay na...? Maganda talaga yung Cosmelan, ang dami kong nakitaan talaga. I?m obsessed. Naka-foundation lang ako today, but I really have big freckles because of the campaign.

Who was your derma when you left Belo?

Don?t write it na since she doesn?t naman advertise herself. But nilibre ko si Pinky dun ng Thermage when Mom died. Sad na sad na siya, mas na-sad pa when she saw herself on TV. ?My face is sagging.? (laughter)

Okay na rin sila ni Boy?

They haven?t seen each other since I signed the contract. But they did have an interview for the ?Buzz? anniversary so I guess okay na sila... Sabi ni Noy, ?Ano ba ito, nagbawas ka ng security para magdala ka ng magme-makeup sa ?yo!? (Laughter) Eh ?yun ang priority ko!

How has your relationship with your brother evolved?

Natawa na lang siya. Nasanay na siya. He?s the one strict about security. ?Noy, kaya na ?yan ni Alvin at Jonathan (her PA and makeup artist). Noy, kung ano ang nakita nila sa TV, dapat in person ?yun din ang nakikita nila so pagbigyan mo na ako. Hinahanap na ?yun ng tao.?

Is your relationship with him the same?

Ako kasi, when you text me, it?s like a conversation kasi ang haba ng text ko, eh si Noy ang reply niya, ?Okay,? ?No problem, ? ganyan.

Your personalities complement each other.

Weird nga because pareho kaming February, pareho kaming Aquarius pero ibang-iba kami talaga... It has changed now kasi mas marunong siyang mag-thank you. Ako, I?m really expressive, the rest of my siblings not so, except my Ate who?s also very expressive. Si Pinky ngayon nag-a-I love you na when we lost our mom. Si Noy dati di ma-thank you, ngayon nagte-thank you na. We faxed him the transcript of the Shalani interview before it aired para kung may hindi sya gusto.... When the show was starting I texted him to watch it na. He said he?s in Antipolo and his boys iniwan yung finax ko so wala rin. Meron na siyang ?I leave it to your best judgment.?

What place are you in your life now?

My sisters all say na kung gaano daw ako source of aliw for Mom, it?s Mom all over again seeing me in Baby James. Mom was 38 when she had me, I was 36 when I had Baby James. He came at a time na mas mom na mom ka na. Established na ang career, pwede ka nang mag-demand ng how many days you want to work, may cut-off na. Mas in-enjoy ko, enjoy makipagkulitan. Maski gustung-gusto ko nang manuod ng Travel and Living Channel, gusto niya Playhouse Disney. Maski every room may TV naman, but you want to be together. Pati kuya niya.

How do you not spoil him?

Ang nagdi-discipline si Pinky. Kasi, ?Mama, please,? ?Thank you, Mama.?

Baby James will go to a school that?s not a Filipino school. I asked if it will be an issue kasi presidente siya. Sabi niya, ?Anak mo yan eh. Education ?yan ng anak mo, so it has no bearing. If he goes to a Filipino school, and if he?s not as athletic as his father or as intelligent as you, kawawa.? I said it?s his call. That?s how the relationship changed because, those things, we now have to ask him. Kay Baby James daw kasi, during his formative years, Noy will be in power so it can warp you.

Sabi na lang ni Noy, ?Wag mo na lang banggitin, Kristina, kung saan kasi di mo alam ?yung mga may masasamang balak.? Sabi ko, ?We?re willing to live with you.? ?Ah no, no, no. You can visit.? (Laughter) ?Ayaw mo kami? Energy! There are children!? ?No, I?m okay, bisita na lang kayo. Di ko yata ma-picture na nagtatatakbo ?yung maliit mo at may meeting ako, ?Tito Noy, Tito Noy!?? ?But, Noy, that will keep you grounded.?

And it will be lonely.

Though nasanay siyang alone ha. He?s sanay. Sabi nya, ??Yung dalawa gusto ko, yung nanay yata di ako siguradong gusto ko andun.? (Laughs) Sabi pa, ?Baka every night kung anu-anong pinagsasasabi mo sa show mo kung anong nangyayari dun.? Of course not! I?ll ask him again now na wala na akong mga talk shows.

About Joshua, how do you turn a special challenge into a blessing?

Josh really matured when the younger brother came. Even the behavior, naging mas mature and giving. Thing is now, di mo pwedeng bigyan ?yung one without also giving to the other. Like now, Josh has the new PSP, Baby James Nintendo DS, so agaw siya nang agaw sa kuya niya. Now they both have iPads, dapat kung anong naka-load dun sa isa ilo-load mo rin pareho eksakto. All my pamangkins, when we got paid na for an endorsement, I shared it with them. All my six pamangkins who all really worked hard in the campaign, and my two boys, I gave them an iPad.

How?s your marriage?

The campaign was challenging for every aspect of your life. We?re just getting back on track. I don?t blame James for saying it, lahat daw ng kabaitan o patience ko naubos sa labas. When you?re really exhausted ayaw mong makipag-usap. May konting trigger, iinit ang ulo. Mas cool si Noy, ako I can?t detach. I?m just too passionate... Di ka naman pwedeng magsungit sa labas. Di mo naman pwedeng sabihin sa kinakampanyahan niyo na isang oras lang ang tulog mo. You have no right to say no.

You live in an aquarium already, but do you think your life will change now as a First Sister?

Elected power and power from celebrity are two different things. Because walang asawa si Noy, malaki yung focus sa sisters. Pinamukha ng mga sisters ko sa akin?being the most visible, ikaw ang pinaka-pwedeng i-target of attacks. But it can also be an opportunity to do a lot of good. True naman, if you?re in a position of power, marami ang sisipsip. So gamitin mo na ?yun para makakuha ka ng more.

Like yung Mongol, I did billboards for them sa I Am Ninoy, I Am Cory series and they will give me P1 million worth of school supplies I could distribute. Specifically hiningi ko if I can have it on June 4, on Josh?s birthday. Nag-offer ako that I?ll pay another million para P2 million. They said, no, they?ll raise it to P2 million. Bongga! (Laughs) P200,000 per province and I chose 10. I?m trying to find somebody in Tarlac, kasi those who were elected there were not really for Noy. But given that Noy got 73 percent of the votes, feeling ko naman they should befriend me. I sent word that I want to give there because dun naman kami galing. Sabi ko, ?Hala kayo kung isnabin nyo ako, magche-change ako ng residency ko, ako makakalaban nyo sa 2013.? (Laughter) Because I want to help. The quickest way to do it is through the district.

Will you run in 2013?

Ate and Pinky said, ?Ano ba!? (Laughter) ?Sa dami ng nakilala mo, madaming mag-uudyok sa yo.? I told all of my sisters, ano bang bilin ng mom? ?You can only get into politics pag simple ka na.? Do you think magiging simple ako? (Laughs) That was Mom?s favorite line. ?Kris has the personality for it but she isn?t simple.? At imposible ang 2013 kasi may endorsement kami ni Baby James na very strict, once I enter politics magsosoli ako ng pera sa kanila. Kabahan na lang sa 2016 (laughs). I?ll only be 45. Ate Vi started at 43. Si Miss Charo is 15, 16 years older e nagho-host pa siya, so pwede pa ako.

Did you ever look at that Facebook thing?

No. Why will I entertain people who have nothing but negativity? Binabasa ko ?yung mga constructive criticism. No. 1, their premise was wrong. Obviously they didn?t listen to the interview, they didn?t listen to what Noy had to say. Secondly, when I was told who was on the page, I said at least now I know who to avoid. (Laughs) Bakit ko sila ife-friend eh obvious naman na hate nila ako? My sisters explained it so well. They?ve never been on a nationwide campaign. They?ve never felt the connection of the people up close. Kung lahat ng pinupuntahan mo naman sinisigaw, ?Kris, I love you!? Ba?t ka makikinig dun sa konting libo na sabi lumayas ka dito? Four thousand daw [it?s close to 26,000 as of writing], at ?di nag-isip din kasi ?di nakinig sa interview. Feeling ko, yung mga nagnakaw nga ng billions sa country natin di natin pinaalis, anong karapatan nyo na paalisin ako eh taxpayer ako?