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Belo launches ingestible beauty supplement
IT WAS A POOL of local entertainment?s fairest, which naturally underscored the message of the day: These are who you want to look like. That was the underlying tone at the launch of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo?s latest project on Tuesday: Belo Nutraceuticals, or ingestible beauty supplements.

Present were Ruffa Gutierrez, TV host and newly elected Rep. Lucy Torres with husband Richard Gomez, Christian Bautista, Karylle, Matteo Guidicelli and singer-actor Ogie Alcasid, whose girlfriend Regine Velasquez is a Belo endorser.

A few years ago, Belo with her young daughter, Cristalle Henares, debuted her first topical beauty products line, consisting of whitening soaps, lotions and creams, under the brand Belo Essentials. It was an instant hit among the masses; Belo is as well-known as her star endorsers such as Kris Aquino, Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo.

Henares heads Intelligent Skin Care Inc., the consumer division of Belo Medical Group.

Glutathione craze

It was only a matter of time before the mother and daughter jumped on the glutathione craze. Glutathione, of course, is an antioxidant that?s being marketed for its whitening properties, and everything from sports drink to soap to injectables are being lapped up by those who want their skin to turn a few shades lighter.

Belo said the first product from Belo Nutraceuticals, Glutathione + Collagen capsules, are meant to supplement the Belo Essentials line, ?as topical products only reach a third of the dermis,? the second layer of the skin, which isn?t nearly deep enough if one wants to see dramatic results.

To set it apart from the shelves of glutathione-containing products and food supplements in the market, Belo has incorporated collagen in the patented formulation. The result has made it not just an antioxidant that whitens the skin, it?s also an anti-aging supplement.

Collagen is the most dominant protein in the human body. But this decreases by 10 percent every year by the time one reaches the age of 20; by age 40, one has 40 percent less collagen.

Anti-aging, too

?For someone like me who?s now 53, you don?t just want white skin; you also want it to be firm. You reach an age where you notice that your skin already feels doughy,? Belo said.

A third-party dermatologist performed a blind test of their Glutathione + Collagen versus a popular glutathione supplement on 60 women, age 18-60, for a six-week period. The decrease in melanin?the substance responsible for hair and skin color?was significantly faster and greater with those who used Belo. The reason, they found out, is that the competition has only 30 mg of glutathione per capsule; Belo?s has 250 mg.

Belo?s recommended dosage is two capsules daily, with a maximum of six; any more than that, she said, the body will flush out naturally. Results begin to show as early as two weeks.

Glutathione, a tripeptide of amino acid found in human cells, is touted as a master antioxidant, the larger concentration of which is found in the liver, where it?s most vital. The liver excretes the body?s toxins.

There is no known side effect to taking Glutathione + Collagen, though as a precaution, pregnant and lactating women are advised against taking it.

Henares also noted that the capsule is smaller, as they use so-called ?compacted glutathione,? making it easier to swallow. It comes in bottles of 60s, 30s and blister packs of 10s, at Mercury Drug, Watsons and other major drugstores nationwide.