AS IF TRYING to make up for lost time, I seem to be going through eye creams at a more rapid pace these days. I only started using the Este Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye Cream which is already halfway finished. Over the weekend, I?ve browsed the Clarins website and I am considering one of the Eye Contour Balms.

Here are some tips to help you manage undereye dilemmas.

1. Use eye cream all the time.

This can be a rich cream for some or a light, cooling gel for others. Lately, I?ve been doubling up my eye cream dose?before bedtime and right before applying makeup in the morning?because my eyebags are starting to show, with the skin slightly drooping around the edges. It?s the kind that can?t be covered by concealer and can only be remedied by Photoshop.

2. Cleverly conceal dark undereye circles.

?[Concealer is] the secret of the universe?it instantly makes you look well-rested,? says makeup artist Bobbi Brown, who is famous for her super-smooth face bases and creamy concealers. ?Lighten the undereye area and draw your attention up with a pink?or peach-toned corrective concealer paired with a yellow-toned concealer. Be sure to apply concealer close to the lashes and to the inner corner of the eye as well.?

The key to successfully covering up dark patches is to start with foundation or any face pigment that matches your skin tone. Then layer the brighter concealer (never go more than a shade lighter) on top. If you apply the latter first, it will just stick out and highlight what you?re trying to conceal.

3. Get enough z?s.

In terms of beauty and health benefits, nothing beats a full-night sleep. De-stress and decompress a few minutes before your head hits the pillow and take advantage of aromatherapy products with calming essential oils such as lavender, sage or even incense sticks. Anything that smells pleasant and signals your body that it?s time to unwind. You can even treat yourself to a sliver of dark chocolate to mark the day?s end and start of a good night?s rest.