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THIS SEASON OF FIESTAS and celebrations, showcase traditional fiesta food favorites in classic Tupperware food servers.

Serving the all-time favorites paella or kare-kare? The new Legacy Blossom Table Server makes culinary specialties a hit. Serve dishes in style using the Large Oval Server, which boasts of classic simplicity to bring out the color and richness of food. Complement dishes with rice served in Rice Server with Serving Spoon.

For the traditional sopas, the Legacy Blossom Soup Server which comes with a ladle for easy scooping, is the perfect choice. Thinking of satisfying guests with the saucy perfection of menudo or dinuguan? The Saucy Dish Server is the fitting server, which will truly bring out these dishes? tasty flavors.

These Legacy Blossom Table Servers are microwave-reheatable but come with stay-cool, no-slip handles that keep dishes warm but ensure handles remain cool to the touch. The orange taffy color is also perfect to bring out the merry mood of the occasion.

Fiestas will not be complete without the traditional lechon or roast pork. Serve this succulent dish on the new Tupperware Large Modular Rectangular food container. With its large capacity of 9.4L, all-time favorite roasts like lechon baboy, manok and baka can be served in a more palate-pleasing manner for guests? delight. Complementing its big space is its air-tight seal that keeps roast dishes fresh; while its flat seal lets one stack containers easily to maximize storage. What?s more, built-in handles also provide adequate gripping so one can easily carry the delicious lechon.

For guests who love native delicacies, there?s nothing like the goodness of suman or sticky native rice cakes. Parade these desserts on the Tupperware Crescendo Small Bowl, which now comes in new colors of Laguna and Tutu to complement the festive mood of the season. Used for puto or kakanin, this bowl is the perfect dessert server with its seal that also serves as a bowl stand or serving platter.

It also features a tab seal for fuss-free opening and comes with a textured and scratch-resistant translucent body that adds elegance to your buffet table. Its extended rim also provides easy grip, allowing one to carry this bowl anywhere.

Of course, Pinoy fiesta food favorites should be capped off with refreshing Pinoy thirst-quenchers like sago?t gulaman. Fancy Florals Jumbo Jug and Tumblers keep beverage fresh and safe from contamination, especially when celebrating outdoors. The leak-proof faucet of the jug ensures mess-free dispensing and is removable for thorough cleaning. The vent cap of the jug also allows air inside for steady liquid dispensing and comes with a handy cariolier for easy carrying.

The tumblers also feature an air-tight, liquid-tight seal for no-spill and hassle-free handling when on the go. These beverage handlers come in fuchsia kiss color.

All Tupperware products are eco-friendly and made with the highest quality food-grade virgin materials under the strictest quality control standards. They also come with a 10-year warranty.

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