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And do you think ?delicadeza? is dead?
IT MEANS being aware of proper decorum and ways of behaving. But as Confucius said, it is a virtue that should come from inside us. Thus, our true path should be the path of wisdom. Is it dead? Not yet, but those who flout it only happen to be news worthy. ?Danton Remoto, lecturer, Ateneo de Manila University

It?s synonymous to breeding. It?s acting, speaking and thinking proper. By proper, I mean conscious of one?s environment and company. ?Shey Mazon

In the public office context, it?s possessing grace to give up your office when there is impropriety involved. It still exists in the hearts of honorable people. Sadly, this trait is as rare as a blue diamond nowadays. ?JP Balboa, IT executive

It?s extinct. ?Vera de la Trinidad, analyst programmer

Delicadeza? Good manners and right conduct? There are still people with delicadeza... like me? ?Joice Villamor, interior design consultant

It?s a time-honored tradition, an important lesson parents should pass on to their children. Having delicadeza means your integrity and honor are in tact. You insist on doing the right thing even when people aren?t watching, because to you it?s not about letting the whole world know, it?s about believing that there is a correct way of doing things, preserving your values and not taking advantage of every opportunity for self-gain. I personally believe that delicadeza is not dead, only forgotten or set aside for selfish reasons. There is no better legacy than a good, clean name. I hope people realize this before it?s too late for them or the generations to follow. ?Patty Balquiedra

Hindi pa patay ang delicadeza kasi may mga lola pa na buhay. ?Maui Drilon, advertising copywriter

In my personal opinion, anyone can have their own definition of delicadeza and there?s no standard that should be followed for as long as you don?t step on other people?s toes. Having delicadeza to me means staying true to yourself, be it through your words or actions without offending or disrespecting other people who don?t share the same ideals. ?Miles Montecillo, senior account director, Ogilvy PR

Ethics and an honor code we Filipinos should abide by. Unfortunately, through the years a lot of Filipinos have lost this traditional value, opting to put personal interest and gain, whether in business, family and love above reputation and dignity. Hopefully, a new breed of Filipinos emerge to reclaim this lost virtue. ?Stephen Ku, club owner and event specialist

I think delicadeza is doing unto others what you want done to you. I don?t think it?s dead. I only surround myself with people who treat me well and cut those who don?t out, so I think in that respect, delicadeza is alive in my life. People always complain about what?s happening on the national scale when they don?t bother cleaning up their own backyards. I?d rather just focus on my sphere of influence. It?s simpler that way. ?Lex Ledesma, executive director, The One School

Delicadeza to me refers to the code: etiquette, ethics, morals, principles, manners, politeness, respectableness. More so, behaving and reacting properly, with decency, as the situation calls for. ?Elbert Cuenca, restaurateur

Knowing when to properly restrain yourself. ?Tatin Yang, makeup artist

You know it?s dead when even the Catholic church does not practice it. ?Jason Doplito, editor

Delicadeza?it?s basically about showing the right values or behaving in a way that is acceptable in society. Delicadeza is already in our culture. It is always present in us but what?s keeping us from doing the right thing is that we are ignorant. ?Abi Prieto, student

Delicadeza for me is never overrated. It?s having a sense of propriety. People sometimes take it for granted but it?s still being honored by many nonetheless. As a wise man said: ?Delicadeza is simply a means to an end, not an end in itself.? ?NJ Torres, PR, Marie France