Signed under MCA Music, the band?s songs are filled with sarcasm, idiocy and childish ramblings
IT?S EASY TO GET DISTRACTED BY this band?s crazy costumes, humor-laden aliases and comic antics on stage. Yet a listen to their hit song ?Picture Picture? would tell you they?re on to something.

Tanya Markova is fast becoming known as a band that has the uncanny ability to create songs that are out-of-the-box. Its first single, ?Picture Picture? has been burning up radio and music television charts since its release in early March. Its accompanying video has had over 70,000 views on YouTube.

?We still get goose bumps whenever we hear our songs on the radio or see the video on TV,? said vocalist and co-songwriter Angelo del Pilar (aka Iwa Motors). ?A lot of times we still can?t believe all these good things are happening to us.?

Signed under MCA Music, the band?s songs are filled with sarcasm, idiocy and childish ramblings. Many of the song titles from their self-titled album are obvious parody of movies, celebrities or fictional characters, such as ?Linda Blair,? ?Bampira? and ?P.A. Roadie Fernandez.?

?Our songs are very graphic. If you listen to the whole album, you?ll notice that the songs are connected, that the album has a story,? said vocalist and co-songwriter Harlon Agsaoay (aka Norma Love).

Eight members

Formed in 2006, Tanya Markova is composed of eight members. Aside from Agsaoay and Del Pilar, there is Jasper Borbajo (aka Heart Abunda) on keyboards; Edu Broce (aka Ruffa Mae Milby) on drums; EJ Guevarra (aka Jennylyn Sucaldito) on guitars; Francis Chavez (aka Skrovak Iskopanjo) on bass; Florante Sabas (aka Rez Curtis) as axeman; and Philip Alejandro (aka Mowmow) as back-up singer and entertainer.

?Now that we?re here, we?d like to do a lot of things?things that other bands have not done before.?

Perhaps one of those things is putting ?shock-pop? into the mainstream of Philippine radio. That?s how the band describes its music?a fusion of pop, punk, rock and roll, new wave, and even metal. Combined with serious musicianship and humor, the result is an album that is unlike any other out in the market today.

Sabas said signing autographs is as surreal as when fans ask to take pictures with them after their performances. He said, ?We?ve had people give us chocolates, pizzas, bracelets, and beer after seeing us perform.?

While other bands generally have four or five members, Broce said having a big band has its advantages. ?One time, I had to beg out of a gig. Good thing Iwa can also play drums, so he took over for me that one time.?

According to Borbajo, they felt that being signed under MCA Music (which has Chicosci, Urbandub, Pedicab, The Dawn, and Franco among its lineup of local bands) was a bit of an experiment for the record label.

?As far as we know, we?re the only local band signed under them whose entire album is in Filipino,? he said.

The band also made a conscious effort to include 22-tracks of all-original material in the album, given that the members have written and composed some 40 songs for the project.

Tanya Markova?s musical influences include the Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, Teeth, the Apo Hiking Society, The Cure, Oasis, and Bone Thugs & Harmony, among many others.


In the band?s Facebook fan page (which has about 3,200 fans as of press time), a fan relayed a story of how his mother burned the Tanya Markova CD he bought, accusing the band of being Satanists.

Members of the band, however, were quick to deny this. ?We?re not at all Satanists or anti-Christs; neither are we espousing agnosticism. In fact, we go to Mass regularly,? said Del Pilar, who even got out a rosary he had in his bag.

According to Agsaoay, the band does not take it against people who don?t like the kind of music they make.

?Music is very subjective. We understand that not all people would like what we?re doing.?

Amidst all the good feeling brought about by their success, the band members? gratitude toward their fans is overflowing.

?Considering we thought no one would care about our music, we?d like to thank our fans for giving us the confidence we need,? said Broce. ?They can rest assured we?d keep up the excitement for Tanya Markova for this album and our future projects as well.?