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Miss World Philippines makes it to quarterfinals


The Philippines’ candidate to the Miss World 2014 competition in London, Valerie Weigmann, made it to the quarterfinals late Sunday (almost 12 midnight, Philippine time).

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Savoring Shanghai hairy crab on an island in a Chinese lake

BOUND Shanghai hairy crabs

Shanghai hairy crab was top of mind in the agenda as soon as we landed at Pudong Airport in Shanghai. We thought how nice it would be to eat this famous fat crab right in its place of origin.

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Heartbroken Chinese woman drowns sorrow eating at KFC

SCREEN GRAB from www.dailymail.co.uk

A heartbroken Chinese woman spent an entire week in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at a train station near her home devouring greasy meals to drown her sorrow.

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Stranded in the moment

MARK Parlade

As the traffic situation in the city gets worse daily, Inquirer Lifestyle asked people what they considered their most horrendous traffic experience and how they deal with their daily commute.

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‘Impression West Lake': visual magic in a place where dream never ends


A white crane from a distant horizon descends into the West Lake and becomes an astute gentleman. Just as another transforms into a young, beautiful lady as it touches the water.

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