That?s according to physicists Drs. Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, the two scientists who first studied and confirmed this unique psychic ability
EVERY TIME I conduct a remote viewing exercise, either in my Inner Mind Development or Basic ESP seminar, almost everybody in class, regardless of sex, age, nationality, educational attainment or religion, succeeds in doing so. And this is true whether I hold the seminar in the Philippines or abroad.

What exactly is remote viewing? It is ?a scientifically trained and validated ability to see, sense or describe something at a distance,? according to physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, the two scientists who first studied and confirmed this unique psychic ability in the early ?70s up to early ?90s at the Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) in Menlo Park, California. The research was secretly funded by the US government.

I define remote viewing as ?the psychic ability to project one?s consciousness or awareness to a distant place that one has never seen before and to describe it accurately.?

Modified protocol

I have modified and simplified the scientific protocol developed by the above American scientists to make it easier to demonstrate and apply. In my modified version, instead of a having a person go to a far place of his choice, while another person stays at the SRI to describe where that person is, I simply ask each of the participants in class to choose a partner whom he or she has never met before and sit beside him or her.

After a brief explanation, I put them in a relaxed frame of mind and body and when they have reached a very relaxed state known as the ?Alpha level? of their brain waves, I ask them to project their consciousness to, or imagine, the house of their partner and to take note of it, both inside and outside, with as much detail as possible without talking.

All they have to know is his or her partner?s full name and to take a good look at his or her face. At the end of about 10 minutes, I ask them to open their eyes and tell their partners what they had seen, heard, smelled, felt or even tasted in their partner?s house while they were doing the exercise with their eyes closed.

Almost always, each participant, if he does not make any judgment or question what he sees mentally, is able to tell something significant or even unique about the house which his partner is able to confirm. Sometimes, a participant will see only one thing uncommon in the house of the partner. At other times he or she will describe the contents and layout of the house in great detail.

Interesting example

An interesting example of a remarkably successful remote viewing (also known as ?travelling clairvoyance?) happened at a recent seminar.

Leah, a housewife in her early 30s, had for a partner a religious minister named Romy who was probably more than twice her age.

Leah confessed on the first day of the seminar that she did not really want to attend it, but that her husband insisted on it. Despite her initial reluctance and skepticism, she did very well especially in the remote viewing exercise, which greatly surprised her.

She saw one of the three houses of her partner, which was located in a farm. She said there was a big coconut tree in front of the house. She saw the bathroom near the kitchen. An old woman was taking a bath at the time. But what surprised her was that there was no door to the bathroom but only a curtain which was sometimes blown by the wind. She also said she saw waves in front of the house which she could not understand.

Her partner confirmed that the bathroom in their house located in a farm had no door. His old mother lives there and she was the one Leah saw taking a bath. Romy at first could not understand what she saw as waves of water in front of the house, until he recalled that their house faced the South China Sea.

Practical value

Romy, on the other hand, also did very well during the remote viewing exercise. He saw two star apple trees at the north side of Leah?s house, the A-shaped roof and the barbed wire fence in front, which were all confirmed by her to be correct.

?One star apple?s fruit is colored green and the other violet?, explained Leah.

The success of the remote viewing scientific experiments at SRI which lasted for 20 years had convinced the Central Intelligence Agency that this mental ability could have practical value in ?intelligence gathering?, a polite term for espionage.

When this project was no longer a secret, some stories came out saying that the CIA now incorporates remote viewing as part of an agent?s training.

My psychologist friend in Canada, Dr. Lee Pulos, and a biophysicist in England use my modified version of remote viewing in their training programs because it is simpler and yet also as successful as the original version.

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