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OCTOBER 27, 2022



Here is the rest of the alphabet of wellness. Because the landscape of health is ever-evolving, this alphabet will only become more expansive with time.


Q—Quercetin is a member of the vitamin P bioflavonoid family. Known as a powerful antioxidant, it specifically addresses cancer by inhibiting the spread of the disease. It can be used as a cancer-preventive regimen. Natural sources include red and yellow onions, grapes and squash.


R—Rejuvenation is the heart of the anti-aging consciousness. The desire to live longer and feel and look better is what fuels anti-aging medicine today.


S—Stress is our reaction to a challenging situation.


Sun—A 20-minute exposure to the early morning sun is enough to give you the vitamin D required by the body.


Stem cells—The new age of medicine has arrived with the use of stem cell therapy to address medical and cosmetic concerns. The safest of stem cell regimens is called autologous, that is extracted from one’s own body (from fat, blood and bone marrow).


Sleep—At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep is needed by the body and the brain to regenerate.


Sugar—A little sweetness isn’t a bad thing. But too much sugar can compromise your immune system. The only way to burn sugar is through exercise. If you will indulge in sweets, be sure to do cardiovascular exercise after an hour.


Salt—The best of salts is sea salt. It contains minerals like magnesium to boost your heart and relax the mood and muscles.


T—Toxins are everywhere, in the air, water and food. Eat fresh, organic food daily, and be more careful about the beverage you drink. Are they loaded with chemicals and synthetic sweeteners? There’s also the emotional and mental toxicity caused by a negative frame of mind. Think positive. You are doing your health a lot of good this way.


U—Unsaturated fatty acids are good for you. These are part of the vitamin F family (linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic). Their natural sources include oil from flax seed, peanut, wheat germ, sunflower, soybean, safflower, avocado, almonds, pecan seeds. Unsaturated fat assists in burning saturated fats (from animal meats). They also prevent cholesterol and protect against the harmful effects of X-ray.


V—Virgin coconut oil or VCO is a product of the tree of life, the coconut. While VCO is considered saturated fat, it’s a medium-range fatty acid, so the fat is not stored in the liver but is immediately used as energy once ingested. There have been many wondrous cures attributed to VCO, from high blood and constipation to dry skin.


Vitamins—contained in fresh fruits and vegetables, they are essential to good health. Vitamins work best with minerals.  And they must be taken with food so that they can stay longer in the body. If you don’t eat enough healthy food, consider taking a vitamin or mineral supplement daily.


W—Water, which the human body absolutely needs to stay alive. Some 75 percent of the body is composed of water; thus drinking eight to 10 glasses of water is essential for good health.


X-factor—That unseen part of who you are that becomes visible through your radiant aura is the real foundation of sex appeal. Boost your self-confidence and raise your X-factor.


Y—Yield to the magic of life. In so doing, you will deepen your awareness of your connectedness to mankind and to nature.


Z—Zest for life is not something one is taught in school. It is the exuberance and passion we are all born with to make every moment of our life count.




Affirmation: “I claim the magic of life!”


Love and light!

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