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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Nearly everyone has heard of “telepathy,” that psychic ability to “read” what a person is thinking of—in other words, “mind-to-mind” communication. It is the most common of all psychic faculties or abilities, and the first to be studied and validated by psychic researchers and scientists, like Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University in North Carolina.

Of course, not everybody believes there’s such a mental ability as telepathy, which comes from two Latin words, “tele” and “pathos,” meaning “feeling from afar.”

It is easy to demonstrate telepathy or mind-to-mind communication. All you need are two willing and open-minded persons willing to experiment. And it is repeatable.

However, despite the volumes of evidence gathered by Dr. Rhine since the 1970s, scientists remain skeptical. But I am not interested in convincing the skeptics. I just want to share with my readers some interesting scientific findings on telepathy.

The existence of telepathic powers can be found in the Bible, in the New Testament, where it is written that Jesus Christ “knew what is in men’s hearts.”

Telepathic communication works best between two people who are emotionally compatible with each other. But it also works among complete strangers.

I can cite numerous examples of spontaneous telepathic communication with my wife, but it also happened, though rarely, with complete strangers.

A young married woman, for example, was alone in a new apartment they had just moved into. Suddenly, she developed severe stomach pain. Her husband was out playing billiards with friends some distance from the apartment. She knew nobody in the neighborhood, and she was too weak to ask for help.

Strong urge

She then thought of her husband and started talking to him telepathically. “Papa,” she said mentally, “come back quickly. I feel terrible pain in my stomach.”

She imagined talking to him and then visualized him receiving the message, riding the bus and coming home. He arrived shortly afterwards and brought her to the hospital. 

When asked why he suddenly stopped playing billiards and went home, he replied: “I do not know. I just felt a strong urge to go home.”

Here are little-known facts about telepathy that have emerged from three decades of scientific studies and from my own, as well as others’ experiences:

1) Everybody, without exception, has telepathic abilities because it is a natural mental faculty.

2) It works best or is more easily manifested when in the “alpha” state of brain waves, i.e. when one is calm, passive and meditative.

3) All telepathic messages directed at another person are received by that person, although he or she may not be conscious or aware of it.

4) A telepathic message is released from the brain of the transmitter the moment he stops thinking of the message, and not when he is concentrating on it.

5) The world-famous Israeli psychic Uri Geller has duplicated thousands of telepathic drawings transmitted to him telepathically. He did the same with me in Dusseldorf in 1994. He duplicated exactly the figure I drew 20 seconds after I transmitted it to him. (Details of this incident are in my book “More Encounters  with the Unknown.”)

6) Telepathy is not affected by distance. The American astronaut Edgar Mitchell transmitted a telepathic message while he was in outer space to three individuals on Earth. All three of them received the message accurately. I met one of them, the Swedish psychic Olof Jonsson, who confirmed to me personally that he correctly got the message.

I asked what the message was. He said Mitchell transmitted the symbols in the Zener cards that were used by Dr. J.B. Rhine in his experiments with telepathy at Duke University. The Mitchell experiment  in telepathy was unauthorized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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