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Day: September 1, 2012

From guts to Gloria

They put their lives on the line for their vision of a better society. Scores died or disappeared, more were tortured, but many have survived the martial law years from 1972 to 1981, or more accurately, 1986. But while some made the supreme sacrifice in their struggle for social change, a few have chosen to give up their aspirations for an easier life in the corridors of political power.

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“It was the best thing that happened because… ”

That Sorsogon Representative Salvador Escudero III was locked in a losing battle with cancer was never apparent in our exchange of phone messages starting August 3 when SIM requested this interview. The din in the background suggested he was in a crowded place. “I’m in the market, actually,” chirped the man whom we know for his unassuming ways. Unlike other public officials with their ostentatious ways, Escudero lived in a modest bungalow in Sanville, Quezon City.

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A textbook case

What are our children learning about martial law from their history class? Selective memory might make the older generation remember martial law for its most enduring effects on them, but today’s youngsters get their glimpse of that era in recommended doses through their Araling Panlipunan textbook. The subject is taught to high school freshmen during the fourth quarter of the schoolyear.

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Martial Law Glossary

Aba, Libé—Ang Bayan, Liberation, underground papers published by the CPP/NDF ABB/sparrows—Alex Boncayao Brigade, urban guerrillas or partisans of the NPA Amasona—female NPA     Armed struggle—refers to the belief among

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