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National Artist Abdulmari Asia Imao: Muslim trailblazer recast indigenous motifs into modern, metropolitan forms

SONS of Abdulmari Asia Imao: Sculptor Juan Sajid Imao, US-based dentist
Josemari Imao (also a painter) and eldest of the brood, Abdulmari “Toym” Imao
Jr., also a respected sculptor. Not in photo is youngest son, Alkarim.

The nation may be grieving the loss of its first and only Muslim national artist, Abdulmari Asia Imao, but it is also true Filipinos now have another occasion to celebrate the life and legacy of the genius who made the Sarimanok soar.

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All things Sansó on view in new museum

JUVENAL Sansó at
Fundacion Santiago,
before blown-up sketch
of himself that he did in
1964. On the wall is
inscription, an excerpt
from the late critic Leo
Benesa: “I realize that
Sansó’s subject matter is
the ‘inner eye,’ the artist
looking into himself.”

What does one do when one has already traveled the world in pursuit of one’s passion and dream? One comes home.

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Talent times two in Arte Pintura Gallery’s ‘Doble Kara’

“BULLY the Kid” 1 and 2, by Azor Pazcoguin

Whether the Roman god Janus or DC Comics’ vile Two-Face from the “Batman” series, two-sidedness or bipolarity is viewed as dark and portentous. It connotes extreme duality and oftentimes suggests indecision, even falsity.

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Art, criticism and Tarot cards in ManilArt 2014

OSCAR Campomanes, Delan Robillos, UST Publishing House director John Jack Wigley

It is through painter and graphic designer Wilfredo Offemaria Jr. that “Kritik/Critique: Essays from the J. Elizalde Navarro National Workshop in the Criticism of the Arts and Humanities, 2009-2012” and “From the Major Arcana,” two of the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House’s newest titles, have gained remarkable artful identities. Colorful collisions of the visual and the literary, both books were recently launched at the concluded ManilArt 2014.

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ManilArt 2014 to feature international surrealist works

JANA Brike (Latvia)

ManilArt 2014 next month will feature an exhibit on surrealism by local and foreign artists. “Endangered Visions,” organizers said, will focus on “the Surreal, the Visionary and the Fantastic as a means to counterbalance an art world driven by a rapacious market with something more contemplative, subtle and challenging.”

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