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Display our monuments with pride

HERITAGE 101. Vistas to heritage buildings should be unobstructed.

Among the basic principles of conservation followed internationally is the stipulation that all angles of architectural monuments or heritage buildings should always remain in full view to the public.

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Rebuilding consensus on Bohol

WHILE parishioners file into the temporary tent-covered area in front of
them, sacristans wait for Mass to start at a makeshift altar in the front porch of the Baclayon Churh parish hall.

Here is an interesting response to last week’s column about leaving seriously damaged Bohol churches as ruins rather than totally reconstructing them.

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Should all Bohol churches rise again?

OPENINGS must be temporarily covered to protect the structure from further water
damage during the coming rainy season.

The general sentiment is that Bohol churches devastated by the recent earthquake will rise again from the rubble, reconstructed faithfully, patiently, carefully rebuilt stone by stone, until each damaged structure returns to what it used to be.

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The design legacy of Wili Fernandez

DETAILED, handcrafted rendering effectively communicates the design for a corporate.

Wili Fernandez stands tall as one of the pillars of Philippine design. A visionary in his field, he was among the early design nationalists who was proudly aware of his heritage and who always referenced the Filipino in all of his work.

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Owners of heritage structures must be given state incentives

CAST-IRON griffins are the newel posts of the interior stairs.

The landmark El Hogar Filipino building on the Binondo bank of the Pasig is reported to have been sold.

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