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Boyet de Leon, Vicky Morales, Bella Yuchengco have One Way in common


Friday night and the place was packed. Actor Christopher “Boyet” de Leon was having a drink with one of the owners by the restaurant’s bar. In a separate section was love guru Baby Cruz with family. A head-turner who looked very much like Plinky Recto stretched her long legs sideways, leaning against a wall.

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The chicken wars

Kyochon’s Honey Series Chicken (Contributed Photo)

It seems the Koreans have discovered the formula for world domination: Beat the Americans at their own game. Every game. First, technology. Samsung has proven to be a worthy adversary of Apple. Next, entertainment. Psy conquered the entertainment world with his YouTube hit and in no time had no less than the legendary Madonna gyrating with him onstage to Gangnam Style. And finally, food. Koreans are conquering the world one fried chicken franchise at a time with “the other KFC,” as in Korean Fried Chicken.

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Dream come true: Street kids now Ducasse-trained chefs

CHEF Jean-Pierre Migné, one of the mentors of the Ducasse Institute Philippines scholarship program, with the graduates

“Gusto ko lang makapag-aral (I just want to study),” said a scholar of Tuloy Foundation—an organization that sends street children to school with a special curriculum designed to rehabilitate them through a systemic approach for growth and development.

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Beef ‘rendang’ buns, salmon ‘donburi’–it’s Asian cosmo cooking for the next generation

CHORIZO sandwich with poached egg in squid-ink bun

The place feels like an atelier. It’s as if any minute a craftsman would wield his giant scissors and start snipping away the denim on a mannequin or weld metal to create his sculpture.

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New Food Mecca in the Metro


Sick and tired of Makati and The Fort? There’s a new restaurant hub in the Metro and it’s not as far as the State of Alabang. It’s Shaw Boulevard.

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