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‘Why is cancer?’

DANI Lyons (played by Rebecca Coates) is embraced by her mother (played by Pamela Imperial at certain performances).

“Why is cancer?”—with a line like this, you know that you’re in for a different kind of show in The Sandbox Collective’s latest offering, “Dani Girl.” How in the world does one create a cancer musical?

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A Broadway cancer survivor mentors young singers

In this June 5, 2014 photo provided by MSG Photos, Vocal coach Marishka Wierzbicki, left, and Broadway singer Valisia LeKae, right, flank four of the students they mentored, from left, Samantha Koch, Matthew Martinez, Falyn Vega and Brittany DeLuca, in New York City. The kids will use what they learned at the annual Garden of Dreams talent show. AP

Five young, amateur singers assembled a little nervously in a rehearsal room recently near Times Square. This was the day they’d be mentored by a Tony Award-nominated star.

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Doctors use immune therapy against cervical cancer

Graphic fact file on cervical cancer. FILE PHOTO

Doctors are reporting their first success using immune therapy against cervical cancer, a disease caused by the virus HPV.

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Breast cancer gene also points to lung risk – study

A notorious breast cancer gene has been shown to also increase a smoker’s risk of developing lung cancer – by almost double, a study said Sunday.

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My mom’s battle with cancer


This is a true story—one I am writing from the heart. Motherhood, it is said, is the most reputable profession in the world.

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