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Her son abroad is clueless of his wife’s kid with another man


How do I tell my son that his wife gave birth 10 months ago to a daughter courtesy of another man?

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Is lying to keep the family together ever justified?


For the most part, I agree with the advice you give. However, I must disagree when, sometime ago, you suggested to “let sleeping dogs lie” in answer to the question whether a parent should admit to an infidelity. Likewise, you advised another letter writer to keep the news of her affair with a younger man a secret from her husband.

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Should she come clean to her husband about a moment of weakness?


There was a time I went out of town. While there, a guy friend of mine attended to me and hung out in my hotel room, with my consent. One thing led to another—we kissed, we touched and we tasted (for lack of a better word).

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After having an affair, he’s afraid his wife is doing it, too


I had an affair with an office mate before I met my wife. Although my office mate was already engaged, working closely together made it easy for us to become lovers. To fend off suspicions, she introduced me to a woman from another company and encouraged me to date her. I did.

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Infidelity is a sure-fire relationship breaker


Over the years I have received calls from friends (more women than men) who needed a shoulder to cry on, some just aching to vent. As if I had no troubles of my own. One young woman said, “Your experience in these matters will help me.” Huh? Who died and made me Dear Abby?

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