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Bringing up baby


I am a 52-year-old expat living in Manila for the past three years. My partner is a 28-year-old Filipino woman I met in Singapore.

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Her husband has a child with another woman, but refuses to separate


I am a 50-year-old mother of three and married to an unfaithful husband. I discovered his five-year affair with a 24-year-old woman and their two-year-old child a year ago when he asked my permission to take out a loan on his salary.

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After online affair, married man says he’s learned his lesson


I am a happily married man with a daughter and a very understanding and loving wife. Despite this, I hooked up online with a separated woman.

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Her son abroad is clueless of his wife’s kid with another man


How do I tell my son that his wife gave birth 10 months ago to a daughter courtesy of another man?

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Is lying to keep the family together ever justified?


For the most part, I agree with the advice you give. However, I must disagree when, sometime ago, you suggested to “let sleeping dogs lie” in answer to the question whether a parent should admit to an infidelity. Likewise, you advised another letter writer to keep the news of her affair with a younger man a secret from her husband.

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