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OCTOBER 27, 2022

No matter how big of a ‘Friends‘ fan you are, you’re probably not even half of a fan compared to Lovi Poe. The actress/model/singer often references the show on Instagram Stories. On some days, you’ll catch her posting about her favorite scenes or laughing along to the classic jokes as if it’s the first time she’s heard it.

It’s easy to get why Lovi is a ‘Friends’ fan. Many of us play it while working or doing chores.

It brings the comfort of nostalgia. I first watched the episodes as a young girl with my parents, not quite getting all the jokes. It’s nice to see how situations in the show would be different given how they barely had cellphones at that time.

There’s also a mix of freshness. Now that’s I’m approaching my 30s, I understand more the situations the six characters go through. I understand the pressures of finding your dream job like Monica, I get why Rachel and Ross needed time to define themselves as individuals before they could finally be together.

If you follow Lovi on Instagram, it will be hard to miss how she collects ‘Friends‘ merch. She also captions her photos with quotes that only a real die-hard would know.

#1 Can you guess which episode this very Chandler quote is from?


#2 You’re only a true fan if this is the shirt you wear when working out


#3 Not gonna lie, we’re envious Lovi got to visit this place


#4 This makes me believe Lovi is on Team Ross. But do let us know the truth, Lovi!


#5 Say this in your best Joey Tribbiani voice


#6 Lovi would totally be the perfect neighbor to Monica and Rachel


#7 Real enlightenment


#8 Lovi, can we ask where you get your shirts?


#9 Making us crave for some Japanese right now


#10 Now taking bets on who can get the right answer



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