THERE IS A MONSTER INSIDE you. And chances are, it lays millions of eggs in your blood and every major organ in your body. If left untreated, it can make your body its permanent home. But one thing is sure. If there is one parasite, then a whole community already lives inside your body.

The story of Ronnie is a case in point.

At 35, this hardworking bank executive was up for another promotion. He had been putting in 16 hours of work daily. One morning he woke up with chest pain and palpitations. This was attributed to job stress. Despite his increased dosage of calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, his heart seemed weak.

Plagued with sleepless nights, he was rushed to a hospital and submitted himself to a battery of tests. He was discharged with a clean bill of health. The result: There was nothing wrong with his heart and yet the palpitation persisted. He thought his situation was hopeless until a friend suggested he visit Bios Safe, an alternative-medicine clinic in Quezon City (tel. 0917-8381169, 4119168).

He submitted himself to the BRI scan (Bro-resonance machine), a German-designed energy-measuring machine that picks up the biological health level of every organ in your body with the use of tape monitors attached to fingertips. Within 30 minutes, the results showed he had Himenolepsis Nana, a dwarf tapeworm infection and Echino Coccus, a variety of small tapeworms that infected dogs.

Ronnie?s heart was the breeding place of these worms. Upon further investigation, it was discovered his favorite pet Labrador slept in his bedroom every night without fail.

His cleansing regimen included:

?Purify? capsules which had a powerful combination of natural parasite-killers like fresh green black walnut hull, clove, pumpkin and fennel seed, oregano, cumin, thyme.

Beam Ray?two rounds of three-hour sessions inside a room with this German-created machine that emits light and sound waves using the parasite protocol?one of the 500 curative programs built into the machine.

After 30 minutes inside this special room, Ronnie felt a flutter in his heart, after which he experienced relief. That evening, his urine contained specks of green which appeared like a cloud. And his stool had numerous specks of white. His body had expelled disintegrated parasites and their eggs. For the first time in six months, he slept soundly, minus the palpitations. It also goes without saying that the dog was banished from his bedroom and sent to a pet clinic for deworming.

Dr. Irene Lim explains that people are exposed daily to parasites from unwashed vegetables, infected meat, partially cooked fish, unclean hands, unsanitary kitchen.

It is estimated that one out of five people in major cities own pets. While there is nothing wrong with having animals around, you should be aware of some facts.

All pets have parasites. And these worms can be transferred to humans simply by the mere licking of an animal?s tongue on your face and hands. Dogs and cats lick their anuses. Thus, any contamination will be transferred to their tongues and onto your skin. Parasites can penetrate one?s pores instantly and be inhaled as well. Animal hair or fur can contaminate food (especially if you keep your animals inside the kitchen). Hospitals can only detect parasites from stool exams.

The ECG, 2D echo and angiogram are sophisticated equipment but are tests intended for the heart and not for parasites. The terrifying truth is parasites can cause tremors/cancer, heart and brain disease, mood disorders and digestive problems.

It isn?t enough to simply shampoo your pet, because it is entitled to health care like human beings, said Ronaldo Lampano, head veterinarian of the newest animal hospital in the city, Cassandra Care (tel. 8267365).

This state-of-the-art facility was established with the health of the pet owner in mind. Its motto is ?A healthy pet makes a healthier pet owner.?

Open 24/7 and hotel-inspired, this animal center has a mini ambulance, private rooms, surgical operating unit, diagnostic lab and grooming salon and spa with specialized treatments for highly stressed pets. So if you truly care about your health, consider not only your own regimen but your pet?s as well.

Spa skin-detox recipe

Mix in a bowl ? cup of moringa leaves, 2 tbsp olive oil, and ? cup raw oatmeal. Rub throughout the body, for cleansing and polishing skin.

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Today?s affirmation: ?I attract only good and loving people in my life.?

Love and light!