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When you’re (not quite) there for each other


When it comes to romantic relationships, we all know the drill: boy meets girl (or boy meets boy, or girl meets girl) at school, at work, in a café, through a common friend. They hit it off, go on dates, get to know each other for weeks, months, even years. If all goes well, they fall in love and officially announce to the whole world (thanks to Facebook) that, yes, they are a “couple.”

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How London school challenged the Filipino designer


Last year’s Look of Style Awards grand prize winner Roland Alzaté says he joined the competition “not necessarily to win.”

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Letting their feet do the talking

MARK Lau, Brye Gonzales, AJ Borcelis of Asia Pacific College, grand-prize winners of the first Music Kicks music video competition.

Feet, shoes and music—these were the main characters that told stories of friendship, travel and adventure at the first Music Kicks “Feeture” Film Competition, held recently at TriNoma, Quezon City.

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Held up at gunpoint


As a college student, I rode daily the jeepney plying the UP-Pantranco route to and from school. I was on my way home one afternoon with my boyfriend and although the jeep was full, I was feeling slightly uncomfortable because the guy beside me kept shifting in his seat and moving too close to me.

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This beer is not for guzzling down

ALDOUS Bernardo, Marvin Moreno and Chip Vega of Craftpoint Brewing Co.

There’s beer that you just chug without thought or care. Then, there’s craft beer. Craft beers are special brews produced in microbreweries. Quality and flavor are of utmost importance to makers of these beers; each concoction must be new and interesting.

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