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You can’t sink in the Dead Sea

VIEW of the Dead Sea from author’s hotel room

When I got an invitation to visit Israel, I honestly had mixed reactions. Instead of excitement, images of the Middle East conflict replayed in my head like a CNN broadcast. But the idea of tracing the path that Jesus Christ walked was on my bucket list.

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The Zoren surprise–how he pulled off his ‘ersatz’ altar date with Carmina


When I got a text from Tita Dolor Guevarra that I should keep Nov. 15 free around 4 p.m., I presumed it was a shoot for a new campaign or endorsement. I inquired who the model was and what the shoot was for. I got an enigmatic reply, simply saying I should not miss this special day, and we should call this “Happy Ever After.”

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I survived Europe without a camera, thanks to Instagram


Let’s see—the skies are blue, the clouds billowing, the cold breeze gently touching my face, and the Eiffel Tower majestically standing in front of me. All I needed was my camera to record this perfect summer moment in Paris.

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A Pinoy shopaholic’s tour of Europe


I traveled to Europe with my mother to rediscover France and Italy. In contrast to the Philippines where there were monsoon rains, it was summer in Europe (July/August). It was the best time to travel there because airfare was cheaper and almost everything was on sale.

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Shooting a perfect ‘Nine’

CAST of “Nine.” Sitti Navarro, Ima Castro, Jay Glorioso, Yanah Laurel

Before I was totally consumed by photography, my soul had been a slave to another form of art, the theater.

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