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Tacky, kitschy, gaudy and fabulous queens

NOEL Rayos (in caveman costume), Red Concepcion (front, wearing the biggest, baddest ’do) and ensemble in a scene from Resorts World Manila’s “Priscilla,Queen of the Desert”. JUDE BAUTISTA

Let’s remember that while Full House Theater Productions’ staging of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” a musical about two drag queens and a transgender woman searching for love and acceptance of self and from others, is being shown in Manila this year, countries left and right have been legalizing homosexual marriage while the Philippines remains the only country left in the entire world that has no divorce proceedings for heterosexual marriage.

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The Diana Vreeland set that got its own applause? That’s by Joey Mendoza

“FULL Gallop” set rendering. “It needs to have a sense of humor, I think,” says Mendoza. “The set, like Vreeland, while at first might seem intimidating, is actually warm and funny.”

It isn’t every day that a set design receives applause from an audience.

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Tuxqs Rutaquio sings, acts, directs, designs sets and costumes–and collects toys

THE COLLECTION began in 2004 with an Incredible Hulk action figure. Now Tuxqs Rutaquio has over a hundred toys in his shelf, most of them in mint condition

‘I have over a hundred toys in my shelf, most of them in mint condition, never taken out of the boxes. Some are loose for display,” says Tuxqs Rutaquio.

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Hey, Madame Producers!

GIRLIE Rodis and Celeste Legaspi. RICHARD REYES

Following the Edsa People Power Revolution in February 1986, the theater industry underwent changes. The Cultural Center of the Philippines saw the exit of Bulwagang Gantimpala (now Gantimpala Theater) and Teatro Pilipino from the complex, and the birth of CCP’s resident theater company Tanghalang Pilipino. Gantimpala and TP are still alive and kicking.

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Lito Casaje, recovering from the Big C, directs ‘No Exit’


“No Exit,” by French playwright Jean-Paul Sartre, depicts three deceased characters in the afterlife, punished by being locked into a room together for eternity. It is the source of Sartre’s often misinterpreted quote, “L’enfer, c’est les autres,” or “Hell is other people.”

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