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Showcasing Filipino cuisine in Shanghai

WALDORF Astoria Hotel Grand
Brasserie at The Bund

“Pagkain” is the title of the food photography exhibit that was recently launched at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel in China. It features the food images of Neal Oshima, accompanied by text I had written, both taken from the book “Kulinarya: A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine.”

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Savoring Shanghai hairy crab on an island in a Chinese lake

BOUND Shanghai hairy crabs

Shanghai hairy crab was top of mind in the agenda as soon as we landed at Pudong Airport in Shanghai. We thought how nice it would be to eat this famous fat crab right in its place of origin.

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Festive Provençal jams–perfect for the holiday season

PROVENÇAL coffret with bottles: New fruit jam line with decorative

Recently we were virtually transported to Provence, a southeastern region in France, with the introduction of a new line of The Fruit Garden Luxury Jam.

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Swedish cuisine, New Zealand wines in one day

with lovage
and dried

It wasn’t a mistake to accept two lunches in a single day. Both were not to be missed.

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Tracing our Chinese connection through stories and shared meals

CHA TUA He or Crystal Prawns

Reading a digital file of the book “My Angkong’s Noodles,” I thought how delightful that some of the questions about Chinese cooking, Chinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) and Binondo are finally answered.

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